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TeleGames Dina Colecovision Clone

The Dina debuted in 1985 for $39.99 USD manufactured by Bit Corp and was sold mostly through mail order. A tornado wiped out the remaining stock in 1994. It was basically a redesigned Colecovision that had Meteoric Shower hardwired into the system. The Dina has been notorious for shoddy wiring resulting in the easy over heating of the system and also a loose power output slot.

Back of the Dina 2 in 1:

1. Power Output
2. RF Output
3. Player 1 Controller
4. Player 2 Controller
5. Expansion?

The two slots of the Dina 2 in 1:

1. Sega SG
2. Colecovision

Any selections such as difficulty, player #, game selections had to be made with the keypad on the console, since the Dina controllers did not have them and some Colecovision games required that selection.

Controllers for the Dina


The retail box for the Dina

This image from The Pong, Dan Mazurowski

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