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In July 1978, SNK Corporation started in Japan. They started programming games for the Nintendo Entertainment System by 1987 with such games as Baseball Stars and Ikari Warriors. In 1990 they stated making a new type of arcade system: Multi Video System (MVS). This allowed players to choose from 1 to 4 games on one arcade machine. They also incorporated a memory card slot so data could be taken from the home system and the arcade system and vice versa. In 2000 SNK Corp. went bankrupt in the United States and recalled all Neo Geo Pocket Color systems and games from store shelves. As it stands, SNK is not having a good time in Japan either. The company is at it ends, either waiting to shut down or some other company to pick them up. SNK has usually chosen 2D fighting games over 3D and some people may claim this ruined SNK. All I have to stay is, stick to your roots and don't go in the popular direction.


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