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Neo Geo CD (#T1-CDN, CD-T01)

The Neo Geo CD unit had quality arcade reproduction games at a reasonable price. The games were much cheaper than the cartridges and the CD games were easier to manufacture, thus more readily available. The system came with a AC adapter, a 6 tail RCA lead, and two controllers, which were also smaller than the AES system's joysticks. Both sets of controllers were interchangable.

Back of the Neo Geo CD:

1. Power Output
2. RF Output
3. S Video Output
4. AV Output

Samples controller that came with the Neo Geo CD Silver
Controller tip of the Neo Geo systems
Sample game including jewel case with instructions, game, spine card, and customer responce card.
RF switch.
AV Tip
6 tail AV cords.

Sample power tip from the Neo Geo CD. POWCD-J

Input 100V 50/60Hz 55VA.
Output 5W 2A or 10V 1A

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