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SNK/Neo Geo Hyper Neo 64 (# LVS-IOJ)

Hyper Neo motherboard shown with game

The Hyper Neo 64 was released in the mid to late 1990s and went through a variety of changes. There were only about a dozen or so games released for the system and a few ports of these games were made for Playstation. There were a few different designs of the Hyper Neo board including a version that did not use the JAMMA connector. In addition there was a driving motherboard for driving games and a motherboard for a light gun game. Some utilized the sound pin of the JAMMA while others required speakers to output sound. Still, others used the power pin of the JAMMA connector, while some required a power source. Clips were used to secure the game onto the board during play and transportation. It was a venture in 3D for SNK, but did not take off with fans. They eventually went back to their 2D glory with the MVS. Some of their popular 2D franchises were revamped for the Hyper Neo including Fatal Fury: Wild Ambition and Samurai Showdown 64.

End of the Motherboard:

1. Volume control
2. Power Input
3. Speaker Output

Top of the Hyper Neo
Bottom of the Hyper Neo
Bottom of the Hyper Neo game.
Top of the Hyper Neo game.
Bottom of the motherboard. You can see various backup batteries, BIOS chips, and heat sinks.
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