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Room of Doom Concept from Digital Press.

each section reads left to right, top to bottom

Behind the door: Boxed INTV, O2, Colecovision, Atari 2600 & 7800, Commodore 64,, Neo Geo AES, loose Neo Geo MVS, extra Holiday Outlaw games, boxed Super Famicom, Turbo Grafx CD, PS2's Yanya Caballista, Nintendo 64 (boxed and cartridge & instructions), boxed Lynx, 32X (boxed and cartridge & instructions), cleaning stuff, loose Colecovision games, Pokemon Mini Sytem, SNES (boxed and cartridge & manual) Furnace Room door with game posters & my GTA Vice Pretty Lady
Smacks you in the face when you walk in: (behind the GTA Vice: Batter Up Controller, Samba Maracas, SNES Super Scope, Para Para controllers - all are boxed, Pac Man & Ms. Pac Man board games, Nintendo controllers tub) Saturn model 1, Boxed SNES, Saturn model 2, Jaguar, (Animal Crossing display) boxed MD 21, Genesis 3, Power Glove, Quiz Wiz, Polystation, Power Player, Gamecube, Import PS2, Domestic PS2, PSX, Jaguar CD, Playdia, Nintendo 64, Pikachu Nintendo 64, Reader's Digest Q & A, Goldstar 3DO, Neo Geo CD, Wireless 2600 Joysticks, DDR boxset, Coleco Roller Controller, NFL GameDay 2003 Party Pack, Dreamcast, Dreamcast Sports System, PS One Multitap, 4 Atari 2600 + Clone, Pico, boxed Japanese Dreamcast, Intellivision 25, Simon, Gamebrain, Odyssey 200, FZ-10 3DO, Sear's Super Video Arcade, Intellivision 3, Game Gear, Steel Battalion box, Lynx 1 & 2, 1541 Single Drive, Commodore 64, TI 99/4A, PSX Twin Sticks, Commodore 128, ATP TV Fun, ROB, GBA Store Display
Walking round the entertainment center to the other side of the room: "Sega" book case: boxed & complete Saturn, Sega CD, Game Gear, Sega Genesis, Sega Master System stuff. Also: Mickey Game & Watch, NES unlicensed games up top.
Walk Five Paces and About Face: Final Fantasy X Toys, Saturn loose & import games, loose Sega CD games, Channel F, Pokemon Mini, Neo Geo Pocket Color, Neo Geo CD, Xbox Demos, Virtual Boy, Gameboy/Gameboy Color/Gameboy Advanced games, 3DO games, DC Utilities & Import games, DC Games, Space Channel 5 Tin & PSX Games (also a container full of them under the wooden case). NES Games & Videogame related toys
Turn Around, Please: NES Games & Videogame related toys, boxed Odyssey 3000, Telstar, Channel F, Activator, NES Deluxe Set, Paddle IV, Vic 20, Colecovision, Xbox, Virtual Boy, Atari 2600 Game Controller, Socrates Odyssey (in black plastic bag) Atari 5200, Namco Game Controller, Steel Battalion controller, Game Carry Cases, Super Gun.
Face Right: Other side of NES Deluxe set, Socrates, Namco Game Controller, Atari 5200, Steel Battalion controller, Super gun, Promo stuff (posters Getaway press kit, Pokemon Mini Pillow, Pac Man puppet, Space Channel 5 Part 2 LE kit, Neo Geo is back there somewhere) DOA Calander, Keychain Game & Watches, boxed Videogame related toys, Nintendo Klix Candy, Gamecube Games. I forgot to take pictures of them, but all loose SNES and Atari 2600 cartridges are now under the fouton in plastic baskets
Turn Right, Please: Videogame hats, Playstation neon sign, Funbit, Mattel Classic Football keychain, posters, tabletops including Coleco Ms. Pac Man, Mog, Cait Sith, Virtual Boy, Gamecube Games, Big Box Playstatino Stuff, game related Videos, Action Max, videogame related books & music, Xbox games, PS2 games. In the standing unit: misc. cables, memory cards, PSU's. Turn Right again, Please: Evangelion DC Import, boxed 3DO game, boxed Colecovision controllers, 3DO mouse, NES Flightstick, Dreameye, Microvision games, Power Convertor, SNES Multitap, Atari 2600 keypads, Atari 2600 Star Raiders, Dex Drives, MPXchange, NES toaster, SNES Jr., Wireless NES controllers, Time Crisis, 32X/Sega 2/Sega CD, more videogame related books, Power Base Convertor/Sega 1/Sega CD, Gamecube, FZ-1 3DO, Dreamcast, CDI, PS2 Domestic & Import, Atari 400, 2 TI 99/4A, Commodore Dattasette, Turbo Grafx 16 w/CD, 1541 II drive, 5200 2 port, Sega Master System, 1541 VIC, Atari Drive, Atari 7800, 2 Odyssey 2 (another picture forgotten-inside the cupboard where the GITS poster is there are V-Tech Computers, Sega Master System 2, Sinclair 1000, Dina, RCA Studio II and Action Max) My mom took my top loader :(
Opposite the open door: Deluxe O2 games, PSX Trackball, DC Light gun, DC Fishing controller, Bass Landing set, misc. Strategy guides, Diddy Kong Racing Promo, Xbox Live store display, Wario World Display, Vectrex, gaming cabinet (see directly below) PS2 Boxed accessories, DC boxed controllers, Jaguar games (CD & Cart), all Gameboy boxed systems and accessories, Space Channel 5 Display, GBA E Reader demo unit, Bobbleheads, vintage Sony TV.
Just below a little: Same as above, but add: Q-Bert Board game, Commodore Printer, Atari 2600 Jr, (Quiz Wiz Challenger), Tournament 2000, Intellivision 2 (another console but I can't remember which) Famicom (in the door: boxed Vic 20 & Commodore 64 games)

Drawer 1

Drawer 2

Drawer 3

Drawer 4

Drawer 5

Hmm? What's in that kick-ass cabinet
with all the Jones Soda labels?


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