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Happy PS3 release day to all! I've had much work to bring home with me lately. I have wanted to do updates, but I still can't manage to find the time. There were a few things added today, which you can find on the updates page. Somethings were added, changed and deleted. Getting rid of some Vaporware, or things that seemed to have turned into something else. There are many offline pics to be uploaded still as well as many more to be taken. Dave and I adopted a year-and-a-half old Minature Pinscher last April and he's been a handful. He hasn't eaten any games yet, but he has been looking longingly at some of our plushies!


Time for the new year, well, new two years. Life has been way too hectic to work on I'm sorry about that. My new years resolution is to try and make more time for it. I have done lots of travelling over the past year, my father passed away, I went to E3, I moved across country, I started making use of my degree in photography and I got engaged. As you can see, there was very little time to update, and when there was I was just too tired!

I have gotten quite a few emails about things being out of date (like Revolution, 360, etc.) I know, for the love of Princess Peach, I know! I knew it when I went to E3, I knew it when I picked up the 360 from the store, but this year didn't allow much time for internet play. Maybe a few emails at work, but not enough time for what I would normally devote in a single sitting to in years past. And I really hate working on it for 5 minutes and then stopping.

The good news about my engagement (of which there is much, but this is the relevant part of it!) is that it is to a fellow collector! I am planning on giving him his own space in the features section. Being as he's a fellow collector, that means a whole lot. Now I'll have some help writing and rewriting things and he has a few thousand items and games that I don't. I won't be taking pictures of every single game and uploading them, but I will be taking pictures of notable things like his NWC, protos, accessories, etc.


Well, it's a slight Christmas overhaul. I really can't remember what I've done over the past few months on the site, but it's all on the updates page. Now that I'm doing this update, I realize there's so much more for me to do besides what I just put up. I have a whole basket of stuff that needs photographs, pages, etc. but because of other things coming up soon, I won't be able to take care of them until March or April of 2005. I hope what's up is enough to tide people over. Thank you for everyone's input and continued intrest and all the helpful emails that I've been sent. I've tried to rewrite some things that I've gotten wrong, but may have not found them all (however I still have the emails pointing them out) I'm only one person and I realize I can't get it all right, so even if I can't get to updating right away I still appreciate the emails. Things I want to do in 2005 is get more part numbers listed, finish that damn PSU chart, more pictures of course, more info and some script implemented to make the site easier to browse. Videogames are the sub-part of my life, photography is the main part. Happy Holidays all and have a good gaming New Year.


Well, I obtained 550 points a few weeks ago for the DewU promotion, so I don't need anymore. If you have some you'd like to give away, sign up on Digital Press (it's free and more fun than a barrel of monkeys). There is a post in Off Topic that people list their codes in. I'm graduating next week with my Bachelors in Photography so that's why there haven't been that many updates. Sometime after the ceremony and senior show, the site will be updated regularly again.


Digital Press has started taking pre-orders on it's "Advanced Edition" collector's guide here. It contains lists, info, rarity guides, price guidelines for nearly everything neo-classic released stateside from Gameboy and Sega Genesis to Playstation, Dreamcast, and Nintendo 64. It also includes obscurities like the Pico, (of which, yours truely is the section editor), and CD-i. For a limited time, pre-order customers get 20% off the book. If you order, remember, Achika sent you.


Nothing really new right now. I've got a few things to edit and put up, but nothing "major" right now. If anyone has DewU points that they can spare (that are also unused) I'd appreciate them! I can't offer anything more than a public place on my "Thank You" page but if that floats your boat, you can mail the codes here. You can get the points from fountain drinks, 20 oz., 1 liters, 2 liters, 12 packs and 24 cubes. Regular, diet, Code Red, and LiveWire all have them. Thanks all!


Well, how do you like the new format? I've given it a more feminine touch overall and revamped a few things. I don't really want to implement a forum into, so if you would like to chat directly with other members of the gaming community or are interested in such things as rarity, sound bits, articles, etc. I invite you to visit our affiliate Digital Press. You'll find the link at the top of all the pages now and here on the news page (just above to your right) you'll find the current 10 topics that are in the general Videogame forum at Digital Press.

And now I want to talk about something a little more 'on topic' as it were to videogames. The Nintendo DS. I'm pissed, I'm seething, I'm very unhappy with Nintendo right now. I understand that they want to push forward with some sort of imagined perception that this is what people want, and out of all the gimmicks, Nintendo is king. I understand all this, but why am I so mad about it? Because behind all these gimmicks, Nintendo does not stay behind them for long. The E-Reader: sure, there are cards out...they've made three Classic NES series, had a few knock-offs (Pokemon, Animal Crossing, Mario 3, Mario Party) but I've waited...what? Two years is it since I recieved Manhole? I've waited and waited for the Game & Watch series, they promise it will be out in March, but I wouldn't be suprised if it's cancelled. The Game Boy Advance SP: Whatsa matter? Couldn't get it right the first time, so you decided that you'll have consumers shell out another $100 because you know their kids can't live without it? Not even a year later they want to implement another piece of technology, a gimmick if you will, and have it coincede with the GBA/SP...not work with it, as they've said it will be a different format, but be a stand alone thing. They want two handhelds in one market. They say it's not the answer to the PSP, but I believe they are scared. However, this was the step in the wrong directions. It seems after ten years, Nintendo wants to start toying with this handheld formula that worked for them, now they are in the business of making franken-consoles. Hey Nintendo, you want a shovel?


The Animal Crossing Fish & Insect list is gone. Why? Because some people decide to be less than pleasent when sending me emails. I've gotten more demands than people asking nicely when it comes to making corrections or any other issues with it, so I've just removed it.

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