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Video Information System
Memorex 2500

The Memorex Video Information System (VIS) was released in 1994 for $399.99 USD. Radioshack was authorized to carry the system and the many edutainment titles released for it. If there were games made for the VIS, they were extremely simplistic and made specifically with kids in mind. Many of the software titles released for the system were education based with simple controlls and bright colors for kids. Some of the software (namely the storybook series) was also compatible with Windows 3.1. Some games could be saved using the Save It card and the VIS also was able to output S-Video.

In the Holiday 1992 issue of InterAction Sierra stated that a number of popular titles were going to be available soon including Space Quest IV, King's Quest V, and Laura Bow and the Dagger of Amon Ra during Holiday 1992 and early 1993. I have found no evidence that these titles have been released.

Back of the VIS:

1. Auxillary In
2. Cable In
3. Cable Out
4. Video Output
5. S-Video Output
6. Audio Output

Front of the VIS.


VIS Controller
Back of VIS controller showing the battery bay (4xAAA) and two infared lights for the system)
VIS Save-It memory card
The front right of the VIS showing the Open/Close button, Power button Save-It port, mic and headphone in and volume control.
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