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: Mission Statement : was set up to be a free, online database of images, history, and information about each and every part. If you would like to use the images and information contained on the site, please contact me. Don't be an image theif and claim the photos as your own, this is my profession and I won't look to kindly on it. Use the information contained in these pages to find replacements of power supplies, to find the suitable controllers that belong to your system. I want to make this the most complete and high quality place on the web for videogame system and peripheral information.

Please remember that this is my personal collection, I have no interest in selling any of this for any amount of money, so please do not contacting me expecting to make a deal. If I ever sell parts of this collection, it will be through eBay, so check my auctions instead of contacting me about selling my stuff. Most of the items contained in these pages can be found on eBay from other sellers. If you cannot find the things you are looking for there, you can email me and I'll divulge if I know a place where you can find one.

Comments, questions or concerns Email Me! Nothing on this site is for sale. Unless otherwise noted and linked all photography and scans are © 2001-2007 Adrienne Barr c/o, Vidgame0. All logos, designs, technologies, characters, etc. owned by their respective copyright or trademark holders. Images must be approved for use on other informational websites. Images are not to be used in stores, storefronts, online auctions, eBay, websites, magazines, books, etc. without prior written consent. If you are interested in purchasing images for usage in web or live stores, web or live auctions, eBay, magazines, books or profit websites, please click here.

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