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Worlds of Wonder had a big part to play in the Nintendo Entertainment System's success. They were the distributor after Nintendo realized they had no problems manufacturing the NES themselves. They had previously given Atari the option to manufacture, but that idea fell through. Worlds of Wonder was started by ex-Atari vice president Don Kingsborough and several other employees from Atari made up the Worlds of Wonder workforce. Their claim to fame was the Teddy Ruxpin which they could not keep in stock in 1985. Tapes were placed in the back of the bear and the mouth synched up to tell a story. Books came with the tapes so kids could read along. A link cable was also introduced along with Grubby, Teddy's insect friend. When the two were connected, Grubby could synch up with Teddy and help tell the story. Worlds of Wonder came out with another success in 1986 with their Laser Tag series. In 1986 they received $1 million from Toys R Us as an order for toys. Worlds of Wonder took the chance with Nintendo and helped to distribute the NES nationwide in the United States. By using Worlds of Wonder's contacts, the NES was a HUGE success. But after Nintendo cut themselves away from Worlds of Wonder, they went bankrupt with the help of a warehouse of unsold Teddy Ruxpins. As Worlds of Wonder let employees go, Nintendo hired them.

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