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Videogames and is not my day job. It's a hobby that's gone further than I ever imagined and I've had a lot of fun doing it. I've found life after school very busy trying to do photography-based things, so please understand that sometimes I don't have time to respond to all the emails immediately or at all, but I do appreciate them all! If you have any information and/or any corrections, I would be happy to receive them. If you would like additional information or scans and images of things not shown on this site please email me. For questions, concerns, comments, chatting or to send pictures, please email:

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In the slight chance that I am online with AIM, my nick-name is cherrysweater.

About is run by Adrienne & Dave, a pair of videogame nuts that got married in 2007. Two wonderful collections were then merged to create a library of hundreds of consoles, thousands of games and a dozen arcade cabinets. What is on is just a small portion of what is currently in our collection, but eventually we hope that it can all be photographed and placed on the site.

Our current complete game libraries are Dreamcast,, Virtual Boy, Genesis, NES, Hyperscan

Our current focus is 32x, Sega Master System, Playstation, N64, 5200, DS

Adrienne was trained in photography and received her BF in Photography in 2004 from the College for Creative Studies. Over the years she has worked for Polaroid, Shutterfly and the Burke-Triolo family of stock agency (most are now picked up by Jupitermedia). She photographed first with film then evolved with digital. The current camera of choice is a Fuji S2 Pro SLR. The current scanner of choice is her trusty Epson 2450. Her main portfolio can be found at and Pre-merge her collection was featured in Tips & Tricks magazine (October 2002), Foul Magazine (February 2002), written reviews and articles for Video Game Collector, one of my images is in No Sides Records VGM Mixtape #8 CD, and several images in Mitchell-Beazley's Cool Collectables project. She's also been the editor for the Digital Press Collector's Guide Advanced section. Adrienne also got a game-themed tattoo, the likes of which can be seen on a character from Vagrant Story.

Dave recieved his BS in Food Science from Rutgers in 2003. To his credit, he has worked for International Specialty Products, Nabisco (Kraft) and is currently employed by a major pet product company. He has also been featured in Tips & Tricks and was the main editor for the Digital Press NES and SNES listings in the Digital Press Collector's Guide and Digital Press Collector's Guide Advanced.

Top 15

Adrienne's Top 15

1. Puzzle De Pon
2. Kickle Cubicle

3. Bust a Move 2, 4
4. Maniac Mansion
5. Zelda (NES)
6. Mickey's Castle of Illusion (GG or SMS)
7. Space Channel 5
8. King's Quest series (PC)
9. Mana Series
10. Harvest Moon (any)
11. Kingdom Hearts
12. Final Fantasy IX, X
13. Parappa the Rappa
14. Police 911
15. Jambo Safari

Dave's Top 15

1. Pilotwings 64
2. Marvel vs. Capcom 2
3. Juno First
4. Secret of Mana
5. Final Fantasy II
6. Legend of Zelda
7. Bugs Bunny’s B-Day Blowout
8. Landstalker
9. Toe Jam & Earl
10. Zelda III
11. Ape Escape
12. Metal Gear Solid
13. Super Mario 64
14. Beyond Good & Evil
15. Katamari Damacy

Achika & Portnoyd on the Unicorn Server, FFXI

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