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3DO is a software manufacturer that developed a system back in the early 1990's. Rather than market and manufacture the systems themselves, 3DO licensed companies to make the systems based on the 3DO technology. They started releasing in 1993 and units above are a few examples of the different styles and manufacturers. Companies that made the systems were Panasonic, Sanyo, and Goldstar. The controllers daisy-chained off of one another to allow for multi person play and up to eight controllers could be daisy-chained off of one another. Whichever unit you decide on, keep in mind that all software is interchangeable between them all. The 3DO system is 32 bits with 16 bit stereo sound and they all contain 32kB back up memory for game saves.

There is no regional-lock out chip on the 3DO, so a variety of import games may be played. Please be aware in the different television standards throughout the world. PAL and Secam games may not play properly on an NTSC television and vice versa.

3DO is presently a semi-popular software company that creates software for many different platforms. In the year 2003 they have filed for bankruptcy and a few of the key 3DO games have been picked up by other software publishers

"If you've seen 3DO on a TV, you ain't seen nothing yet. Introducing 3DO Blaster - the ultimate game platform for your PC. 3DO realism and gameplay on a single expansion card. Now you can experience thousands of colors, 64 million pixels per second animation and full-motion video on your high-resolution PC monitor. Without taxing the power of your PC. A 32-bit RISC chip and twin graphics processors do all the work. Along with Digital Signal Processor (DSP) that supplies CD-quality stereo (requires 386+20 or higher PC, Creative Labs CR-563 CD-ROM drive, Sound Blaster with CD-Audio connector and speakers) Included with 3DO Blaster are two of the hottest 100+ and growing 3DO titles. In SHOCK WAVE: The Sci Fi Movie Experience, you'll defeat alien hordes by flying combat missions over photo-realistic locations from L.A. to the Amazon. 20+ minutes of Hollywood-style video is woven into the action. In Gridders, you'll join Zack and his cybernetic dog, Fidex, as they outsmart the killer Gridders to learn the terrible secret hidden in the depths of a factory. The deeper you go, the more complex the interactions become. So what are you waiting for? Call [phone # removed] to order your 3DO Blaster today. Or for more information or the dealer nearest you call [phone # removed] But remember, you need sleep. And food. And at least once a week, go outside for somre fresh air." -January 1995 ad in Gamepro


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