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Panasonic FZ-1 3DO (#FZ-1)

The first company to develop a system with the 3DO technology was Panasonic with their FZ-1. The FZ-1 was a front loading system with a motorized disc tray. On the side, a port for expansion and contained 32kB of battery back up for saving games. When it released, the price was $699.99 USD. With the system you got one controller, AV cables, and a demo disk.

The power cord was hardwired to the system, but here are the specifications: AC 120V 60Hz 30W

Better front view of Panasonic FZ-1

Back of Panasonic FZ-1

1. Expansion Bay
2. Channel 3/4 switch
3. RF Output
4. S Video Output

5. AV Output

The side expansion bay for the FZ-1.
Tip of the 3DO Controllers
3DO Mouse. FZ-JM1

Because the 3DO had only one controller port, all controller daisy-chained off of Player 1's controller. Some controllers had plugs directly on the controller to plug in Player 2, some had second cords to plug into.

Two cosmetically different Panasonic 3DO controllers.


Bottom of Controller:

1. Headphone Jack
2. Volume Control

Top of Controller

1. Right Trigger Button
2. 2nd Player Controller Jack
3. Left Trigger Button

Logitec 3DO Controller. It has a double lead for the second player controller to plug into.
Interact's 3DO Turbo controller

Top of the Interact 3DO controller showing the auto-fire options:

Off / Semi-Auto / Auto

The Panasonic 3DO needed the 6 tail AV lead.

Paper snap style 3DO case.

Jewel Case style 3DO game.

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