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I hope the holidays find you well, it's been a bit of a personal turmoil here over the past two weeks, but after it all, Santa was VERY good to me this year. I got to unwrap my N-Gage finally and a plethora of new games to start playing. Look for updates over the next few weeks and hopefully completion of certain pages.


The evils of the web. Somehow permissions on my folders were redone by my host, and me being away from my "main" computer, had only the option on pulling everything down and re-uploading it all. Anyhow I hope everyone had a good holiday, I know I was busy working on about 200 more images for the site (don't get too excited, some were re-do's of stuff I'm not happy with)


There really isn't much of anything else notable. I've gotten a favicon working, so those of you who have book marks may have to update to see my little piece of work. I've only gotten it to show up in Mozilla 1.3 & 1.5. For some reason IE 6 and Safari won't display it. As of now, these are the only browsers supporting it. If you use one that isn't listed here, I'd appreciate to know what's working and what's not.


So I think everything is up now. I was up at 6 am today for a flea market, so when I came home, I jumped on a mostly open connection and uploaded the rest with no error messages. There were a few new sections added plus the thank you pages has listed another name, Pete Petschik, that has been so generous and cool as to send me a bunch of commodore stuff. So hopefully those commodore sections will get some real content. Now that everything is once again the way I want it, I can start revising pages. I know they need it.


Well, 24 hours later, it's done...sort of. I'm pretty sure there are plenty of images that are broken. Since my internet connection was being flakey (still is actually) not all the images uploaded properly. I'll be fixing these over the next day or few, so sit tight and be patient. Don't email me quite yet saying "This is broken!!!", I know it is.

09-04-2003 the time you read this, it will probably be the 5th...possibly even the 6th. My internet connection at school has been way flakey, so it might take FOREVER to re-upload the entire site. *sigh* Anyhow, the updated list is huge.


Working, working, working. I'm working behind the scenes on this site, getting more and more images ready to go. For those of you who haven't seen anything about them yet, there are two new videogame movies coming out soon (well, one of them is, the other I can only hope for a speedy release) House of the Dead is finally coming out. Resident Evil Apocalypse has been announced as a sequal to the first Resident Evil movie and ties in parts of RE 3 with Valentine and Nemesis.

I thought I'd share all that.


07-11-2003 [AM]

8. Thou shall not steal [bandwidth]. Our problems are solved. Right now, there are only two sites that may uses images contained herein. and a m/b that I usually use images for. I'm proud of myself. I think I *might* sleep now. After taking a break for a month (or two) I started photographing more things last night. There won't really be updates until I re-upload the entire site.


Well, images on the Nintendo pages are down. They won't be back up until I figure how to get this damn .htaccess file working properly. It's thanks to a French message board basically giving a history lesson with my images and it's sucking away my bandwidth. :( Search engine is also acting funky and is really only accessable through the main home page. I'm going to take the site down soon and re-upload so everything will run smoothly.


Wow, it seems I've neglected the site for awhile. Oh well, it was time well spent. I've taken time to just breath a little and play these massive amounts of games I've aquired. You should start seeing more updates soon, since it's summer and as promised, I've got a lot to do. One more thing I've been doing is starting to write a FAQ for Buile Baku for NTSC-J PS2. I recieved it for my birthday last month, and it's a fun game. Even great for those who don't know any Japanese (me!) Don't forget to check the updated links, they are few but I've got some inside pics from Infinium labs coming soon and they look pretty spiffy!


6 more days and I will be one with my collection again. All the orphans will have a home, etc. I've cleaned up some images on the site tonight, so they flush better with the white background we have. They are too numerous to name and don't have any HUGE impact on the site, so don't go looking for them in the updates page. Don't worry about all the crappy images, there's nothing I can do about those now. But it's a summer plan to reshoot half the site. Why do I get the feeling I'll be doing this once a year? It's really a drag. Other summer plans for the site are adding specs (yep, we're at that point I do believe), a book corner, and a few others


A grail has come home. An original Magnavox Odyssey is in my possesion, and now in the archives that is It is truely a day to celebrate when the Mother of home videogames comes home. Oh, and the schwag pages are fixed and should run smoothly now.

04-27-2003 3:22 AM

Well, I've gotten the Schwag page done. Well almost, it's incrediably buggy, so watch out. I know what needs to be done, now I can just redo that. But, I can't do it at this time in the morning, but it's up...and I'm proud (and I'm probably not coherent).G'nite


I've started on the schwag pages, so for now they are down. I've run into a snag, so I don't think they'll be up for a long while yet though. I'm counting down the days until I leave NYC and return to the safety of America's mitten.


Well, Mike informs me that we should move into version 1.5 since I put the search bar in. 6 hours of testing and implementing. We were going to have it on a seperate page to start, but I'm confident in my new founds skills that it can go right to the opening page. I've also added a "thank you" page while I was at it. There's much to go, but dag nabbit--this was a big step. Now all I have to do is finish photographing this big box'o'stuff, redo the schwag section, and create a form. Then we'll be ready for our summer improvements.


Well, we're at war...But I refuse to let the news and media use scare tactics. Life will go on, and so will Vidgame. I won't sit at home and duct tape my windows, hiding under covers with my gallon of water and radio with the extra supply of batteries and baked beans. So, if there aren't many updates, it's cause I'm lazy and I don't want to spend my day cropping images (there's a few dozen more that I need to crop or shoot) It'll get done, just not right NOW. Perhaps the banner will come in due time too, oh and now I'm a mod at Sorry if I sound so blah right now, but without cable, I'm stuck watching the 24-hour news coverage on FOX. I thought that's what CNN was for. Oh, and No War! Gamestop is on the phone and said they want to let me know my GB SP is in. Oh simple joys!


Man, I hate NYC. It sucks in so many ways, I'm not gonna get into it. But, let's say I've been too depressed to buy games. I've updated, and added a few more links. Plus, to help you find the new links, I've added a specific 'Updated Links' page. So if you don't care to hear my ramblings here :(, you can go straight there to see what's new. Added a few new systems in various places. I'm just finishing up the model/part numbers for everything I can find them on in the coming days. I'm always coming up with ways to make this place thorough. And finally I'm making a banner you can download which should also be coming in the next few days, so you can link to us in style.


So I'm finally set up in New York City with a cable connection. I uploaded with all my winter break updates, but there is still information tucked away in my archives that still needs to be posted. So that will come as I have time. I've met the people I am going to be working for at Polaroid and I've also had many good finds since I've come out here. Animal Crossing series two cards are out, so I'm feverishly collecting those while closing in on the last remnants of the series 1 collection. During my extra long winter break I've had time to beat Kingdom Hearts and Sly Cooper. They were both great games and I highly recommend them.


Wow...I can't thank Rob over at Activision enough. He just sent me a box load of stuff. I love it all. These stickers will go perfect over on my new totes that I got for all the extra accessories in the Room of Doom (I'm gonna post a State of the Room address by the time I leave). My last day for who knows how long at Funcoland....but this is a good thing. My last days are always the best. I snagged the XBox Live wall display with the funky green head, and I found my very own Donkey Kong 64 is a good day. Oh, and I found Kirby for GBA!


Happy New Years! And Happy Holidays to whatever you celebrated in December. Well, T-minus 2 weeks until Vidgame packs up and moves (well sort of) Mike leaves in a few days for his semester in France, and I leave around the 18th. I'll spend 6 months away from my collection, so no pictures and almost no trades will be available during that time (eBay auctions will be at a minimum too).

And a special thanks to those of you who have helped us reach 4,000 hits a day. I never thought this project would take off as it has. Keep coming back, since there will be a good sized update before I leave, and continual changes while I'm gone (minimal, don't expect many new sections!!!)


There will be more updates over the next few days. I've opened up pages for stuff like PS3, XBox 2, XBox Live, and I'll be updating the Animal Crossing page along with adding Digital Press's top 10 lists to certain pages.

In January, I'll be leaving Detroit for about 5 months to do an internship for my school in NYC. So, if there is any pictures you need from my collection, it would be best to ask me over the next few months, because when I move out there, I will be VERY far from my collection. Please, never hesitate to ask if you need pictures. At the most it'll take me 2 weeks to get pictures to you, since I don't have my entire collection with me at school. I'll reply right away with answers to any questions though.


Oh! That feels good to have the site done uploading and now available for general public. I've got a few more images on my camera to edit and place later including reshoots of equipment, more schwag, and more images of the Pico. In the following weeks some of the images will be cleaned up around the edges and more information stuck on certain pages. We will begin to start creating the movies pages and I've got some installation pieces to create, so there may be images on my pages if any one is interested. BTW: In this months (Oct.) Tips & Tricks magazine, I have been featured in the Room of Doom section in the back of the collectors spot


Whew! 1000 images later, we've got the site done! Now the uploading process begins, so please don't worry if some pages don't appear now, they will in a few days. Lots of new pages have gone up, lots of new systems have been purchased. We will now have movie reviews for Movies pertaining to Videogames (based on, or major influence on) Systems include the Sega Pico, the Action Max, a new Odyssey 2 unit and many others. Thanks for waiting, I hope you enjoy your stay.


Hold onto your hats kiddies cause we're seeing an update on the horizon. Thats right, your beloved is getting a complete makeover in about a month; head to toe. New format, new colors, new photos, and best of all, no frames. Theres also a whole bunch of new systems as well as miscellaneous items just waiting to be posted. Best of all we hve a position available for you. Official BETA tester. Heres what you do, point your browsers here, HTTP:// After viewing the new page send your comments here, [email protected]. In reward for your participation we will send you a personal email thanking you, the viewer, for making the site better. We will also put your name on our official list of credits.


After noticing my collection was severly lacking, I've decided to treat my NES, SNES, and N64 collection to a new investment in games. So far I'm up 3 new SNES games, 5 new N64 games, and a whole slew of NES games. Ah it feels good. Also, I've been shocked to find out I don't know all I thought I knew (that doesn't really makes sense, but yeah whatever.) Even though I really have a large dislike for any and all things Dragon Ball (Z), I have found that DBZ: Final Bout was not the only Dragon Ball released stateside. A game called Dragon Power was released on the NES, and features "Goku and Nora, your mission is to find the dragon's seven crystal balls." A week after an ironic conversation with Famitsu trader where I confessed my want for a Sega Genesis Menacer, one came into the store I bought it dammit for $3.74. Not too shabby. Needs cleaning though. I'm off to the flea markets and rummage sale-ing tomorrow. P.S. I finally located a copy of Space Channel 5 Part 2 Limited Edition for DC. It's enroute now, so I'll be walking around sporting the headphones for the next few weeks. Also, Ore No Rouri is comming from a contact in Japan. This has been a good week.


Ah summer vacation, time of little updates. I picked up a Fujifilm Digital 2800 Camera this past week, so getting images of products should be even easier. Thanks to the guys at Foul magazine, I was noticed at E3 when they handed out issue #6, the issue I was featured in. I lost the T-1 connection that I had at school so I'm back to a 56K phone line, so updates may be few, far between, and slow. No new systems, selling off a bit of my collection.


Finals are upon us, so sorry for the few and far between updates. Hopefully I'll get tons of stuff up next week. Scanner problems prevent me from adding new content to the site, so I hope I can get that resolved quickly. New navigation bar and colored backgrounds on individual system pages. Pics of a signed copy of Phoenix: the Rise and Fall of Videogames has been added to the Works Cited page. Sid Meade will be at CCS on the 22nd and I'm going to have him sign a copy of Intellivision's Tron Deadly Discs game. ^_^;;


Fixed the email problems, now email away! Reloaded the site to make pretty pages, more info later....short on time.


Ah, half way through spring break. My sigma came, I got a new tattoo, and we went shopping and found some very cool stuff. The schwag section has been totally redone, and it looks much better. Much stuff should be put up in the next few days.


It's been a long time since we updated. But a lot has happened both around here with videogames and with school. The new kid on the block is the Tiger Head Gear R Zone unit and the Sigma system should be coming in the mail in a few weeks. I can't wait to finally play Puzzle De Pon! Picked up Death Crimson Ox for DC used for $8.99 and it is a decent game for the price. Plus it is one of the handfull of lightgun games for the system. I've got a lot more stuff on the Videogame Schwag section and I will probably rename it to 'Schwag and Toys' soon. I've gotten a few new cameras including a Holga and also a full R.O.B. the Robot set.


We had big updates today. Most of the site is 'done' for now. All information that I have is up, except for the Sony section. Any updates from now on will be images, more info on existing pages and new systems that I am getting. Up for this week: Vectrex. I'm picking it up tomorrow. Sunday is another 'Take My Camera to Work Day' hopefully the fruits of this labor will treat me better. Also I plan of getting images of the expansion bays for certain systems. Since I'm done with my collection for now, I guess I will start to get info on stuff I don't have.


The night of the huge update. I would have had images of the Playdia already, but I sort of double exposed my 4x5 film when I didn't think I did. Oh, well. Just trying to sell some stuff on ebay to save up for the Phantom 1 convertor I want...or a Vectrex...or a new lense for my camera.


Oh, CCS has a snow day! And I have no homework, so guess what, revisions and new stuff galore! But no snail mail so I have to wait till tomorrow to see if my Channel F, Playdia, or 3DO FZ-10 has come. I will get a system list up soon hopefully. Maybe comming soon is my 'apple in beta version' joke. I've been busy moving stuff around the site and adding new links plus looking for permission to host a faq on programming for the C-64.


Adding info almost daily. Lots of new pics are going to be uploaded soon (about 100 or so). Uploading info is a long process. I have about three and a half more books to read about videogames (I FINALLY located a copy of Phoenix) I designated 01-20-02 Take Your Camera To Work Day. I took pictures of all the accessories and what not I don't have to load onto the site. This didn't come out as planned, so the pictures aren't all that great but still distinguishable. I was trying to compensate for the tungsten lights we have, and my blue filter worked a bit too well. I have 18 credits this semester, but I am still trying to find time for this site! The system count for me is up to 67 (well 69 if you count my doubles). Oh, and for all of you New York kiddies, I'll be appearing in Foul.


Hi and welcome to all of my previous contacts, friends and those new to the site. I apologize for how long this project took to get up and running and then moving on you, but we worked so hard! All of you get to reap the benefits of our labor. All information, scans, and photographs took many weeks to compile and just about all of our winter break.


Were in BETA whooo hooo!! yeah, almost there now!!!


Site starting to look come together, getting pics, working on pages, a lot of work to go.


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