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Capcom CPS II

Motherboard (bottom) shown with attached game (top)

One of the most popular of the Capcom arcade boards was the CPS II. It was used roughly until 1999~2000. Many popular games were released for the system including Mars Matrix, the entire Darkstalkers series, Street Fighter Alpha 2, and more. The motherboard required a special auxillary harness for the to use buttons 4-6. Since JAMMA only supports player buttons 1-4 with start and a continue, Capcom required player buttons 1-6 plus start and continue. It then used buttons 1-3 of the JAMMA connector and buttons 4-6 from the auxillary harness. RCA cables may be used to output stereo sound.

Bottom of the gameboard
Top of the Motherboard

In addition to the CPS requiring the auxilary harness, Capcom also sold clips for the board sets. This held the motherboard and game tightly together to reduce the appearence of lines in the picture. There are almost a necessity, since it is hard to get them to go away without using excessive force.

Auxillary cables for the CPS II

Black - Power

Grey - Low Kick P2
Pink/Yellow - Medium Kick P2
Purple/Yellow - High Kick P2

Light Blue - Low Kick P1
Red - Medium Kick P1
Pink - High Kick P1

(those with two colors denote two color stripes on the wire to differentiate them from other wires)

End of the game shows the counter and spaces for other add-ons.
End of the motherboard shows the cooling fan.

1. Test
2. Volume Up
3. Volume Down

Arcade Home : CPS II : Hyper Neo 64 : MVS : Sega Naomi : Sega STV : SuperGun
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