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SNK/Neo Geo Multi Video System (NEO-MVH SLOT 1F)

Model MVH 1F

This is the hardware that the Neo Geo AES is based off of. The official name of the arcade equipment was the Multi Video System (MVS for short). Players could choose which game they wanted to play from up to six different games, depending on the motherboard that was contained in the unit, and the games contained herein. There were 1 slot, 2 slot, 4 slot, and 6 slot models made. Also, a variety of cabinets were released like the Japanese sit-down style 'candycab' and the red stand-up North American cabinet. The model shown here is compatible with regular Neo Geo Joysticks and controllers.

Close up of FZ-1 Board:

1. Bios Chip
2. Player 1 Controller Port
3. Player 2 Controller Port
4. JAMMA connector

Closeup of Player one and two's controller ports.

Close Up exam of motherboard:

1. Cartridge Slot
2, 3. Memory Card pins for player 1 & 2
4. JAMMA Connector
5. Headphone Volume
6. Speaker Volume
7. DIP Switches
8. Speaker pins
9. Headphone Pins
10. BIOS Chip

Memory card and packaging. About the size of a credit card. NEO-IC8

Some Arcade games could be saved with the appropriate memory card reader on the machine and transferred to the Neo Geo AES system and resumed there.

Complete MVS kit: Box, cart, and two sets of artwork, instructions, mini-marquee, and move stickers. One set of the previous was in English, the other in Spanish.
See why the MVS carts won't work in the AES? Top is the AES version and the bottom is the MVS version.
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