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Raijin Supergun

Ah, the wonders of playing arcade games in your home. I have to say, this is better than console systems. But better usually means more expensive. Even if you were to build a Supergun yourself, you would spend a minimum of $150 USD on parts alone. The most expensive parts are the RGB to NTSC converter and the Power Supply. Quality arcade sticks and buttons are not cheap either, but the high quality ones may be purchased from HAP.


Back of the Raijin Supergun:

1. Power Output
2. Fuse enclosure
3. RGB Output
4. Mono/Stereo
5. Headphone Jack
6. ?
7. ?
8. AV Output
9. ?
10. ?
11. ?

* I am having a friend translate the portions that have a '?' next to them. Since I cannot read Japanese, he is doing this kind favor for me.

Side of the Raijin Supergun:

1. JAMMA connector
2. Power Switch

Inside of the Supergun showing the buttons and joystick (blue mechanism)
Full inside view of Raijin. Controls, Circutry,and Power Supply
Close up of the control panel. Buttons 1-6, coin, and start buttons. The switches up top control which buttons are on and off during use.

Raijin Supergun Accessory Pack:

(top right to bottom left)

1. Power Adjustment Driver
2. AV Cord
3. Power Cord

AV and Power Tips:

Left: AV
Right: Power

Arcade Home : CPS II : Hyper Neo 64 : MVS : Sega Naomi : Sega STV : SuperGun
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