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I am a female Taurus, with a Bachelor's degree in Photography from the College For Creative Studies in Detroit, MI. From January 2003 until June 2003 I studied and worked in the New York City area on a mobility program from my school. While there I interned for the Polaroid 20x24 studio and got to work with photographers such as Elsa Dorfman, William Wegman, Mary Ellen Mark, among others. After graduation, I worked with Burke-Triolo / Foodpix / Botanica / Brand-X on an internship. Most of those companies have now been picked up by Jupiter Images. For my personal work and the rest of my resume, please visit my personal portfolio site,

Videogames and is not my day job. It's a hobby that's gone further than I ever imagined and I've had a lot of fun doing it. I've found life after college very busy trying to do photography-based things, so please understand that sometimes I don't have time to respond to all the emails immediately or at all, but I do appreciate them all!

I am a fan of tattoos and body piercing and have a tat' just like from Vagrant Story. I have been into videogames since I was five, I am twenty-two and boast a collection of 90+ systems that is rapidly growing. My first system was my NES and my favorite system is the Dreamcast, followed closely by the NES. I've been in Tips & Tricks magazine (October 2002), Foul Magazine (February 2002), written reviews and articles for Video Game Collector, one of my images is in No Sides Records VGM Mixtape #8 CD, and several images in Mitchell-Beazley's Cool Collectables project. To add more credit to my name, I am the current section editor for the Digital Press Advance guide.

The recent update of Vidgame switched from film format to a digital format. I've went through four scanners over the years and three cameras. So scans have been done on 2 Visioneers (don't buy these pieces of shit), an Agfa, and I'm now using an Epson 2450. There are well over 1,500 images, so I hope you appreciate it. With this stated all images are mine unless otherwise noted, they are not yours, please do not state otherwise. Adrienne Barr © 2001-2007

Adrienne's Top 15

1. Puzzle De Pon
2. Kickle Cubicle

3. Bust a Move 2, 4
4. Maniac Mansion
5. Zelda (NES)
6. Mickey's Castle of Illusion (GG or SMS)
7. Space Channel 5
8. King's Quest series (PC)
9. Mana Series
10. Harvest Moon (any)
11. Kingdom Hearts
12. Final Fantasy IX, X
13. Parappa the Rappa
14. Police 911
15. Jambo Safari

Image © 2002 Mike Paradise
Images © 2003 Adrienne Barr
Image © 2002 Mike Paradise
Image © 2002 Mike Paradise
Image © Y.J.S. 2003
Image © 2003 Adrienne Barr
Image © 2003 Adrienne Barr


All Ink by Chris Hornus 2001-2003 Consolidated Ink & Steel

I am frequently playing Final Fantasy XI as a Taru named 'Achika' on the Unicorn server. If you are on that server, please don't hesitate to send me a /tell. If you would like to join me on the Unicorn server, please email me from your account with the subject "World Pass Wish" and I will buy a worldpass and bring you over. Please remember, that switching servers requires that you create a new character.
Achika7 on AIM
Achika on Neo-Geo, Digitpress, XBox Live

Is there a problem with this page? Let us know where it messed up, Email Me! Nothing on this site is for sale for any price, so please don't ask. Unless otherwise noted and linked all images and scans are © 2001-2007 Adrienne Barr c/o, Vidgame0. Images must be approved for use on other sites. Images must be purchased for use on stores, storefronts, online auctions, eBay, or any other means of making a profit. If you are interested in purchasing images for usage, please click here.

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