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I am a male Virgo, with a Bachelor's degree in Food Science from the Rutgers - Cook College in New Brunswick, NJ. I currently work for International Specialty Products of Wayne, NJ, working in ingredient applications. I’ve worked for Firmenich Flavors and Fragrances as an Intern, and as a Food Technician/Associate Scientist for Nabisco R&D (technically Kraft Foods).

I’ve been playing videogames since I was 4 (I’m 28 right now) when I latched onto a Donkey Kong arcade cabinet, and didn’t let go. I love games, and I have over 2500 games across 30+ systems. My first system was the Atari 5200, and the NES is my favorite system, and I also have every title for it that was released in the U.S., and then some. Nintendo is my passion and my goal is to own every Nintendo-made cartridge released.. a daunting task! My collection has been featured in Tips and Tricks, as well as editing the NES and SNES section of the Digital Press Collector’s Guide and Collector’s Guide Advance.

Dave's Top 15

1. Pilotwings 64
2. Marvel vs. Capcom 2
3. Juno First
4. Secret of Mana
5. Final Fantasy II
6. Legend of Zelda
7. Bugs Bunny’s B-Day Blowout
8. Landstalker
9. Toe Jam & Earl
10. Zelda III
11. Ape Escape
12. Metal Gear Solid
13. Super Mario 64
14. Beyond Good & Evil
15. Katamari Damacy

I am frequently playing Final Fantasy XI as a Galka named 'Portnoyd' on the Unicorn server. If you are on that server, please don't hesitate to send me a /tell. If you would like to join me on the Unicorn server, please email me from your account with the subject "World Pass Wish" and I will buy a worldpass and bring you over. Please remember, that switching servers requires that you create a new character.
portnoyc8x on AIM
portnoyd on NESworld, TNL Forums, Digitpress, XBox Live


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