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What I'm Trading:

Everything here has been tested, cleaned, and is working. Ready to trade this stuff away for whatever's on the link here.

Loose Colecovision Games

Donkey Kong

Loose SNES Carts

Mohawk & Headphone Jack

Boxes & Instructions

Paperboy (SMS)
Resident Evil 3 (DC)
Dragon Warrior 1 & 2 (GBC)
Super Mario Brothers 2 (NES)
Critical Depth (PSX)
Golden Sun 2 (GBA)

Sega Master System Games

Monopoly (cart only, no label)
Thunder Blade (complete)
Great Football (cart & manual)
Black Belt (cart, box)

Hardware & Accessories

DC Gameshark Lite (NIB)
Playstation Gold Finger (loose)


Great Baseball (SMS)

Loose Odyssey 2 Carts

Invaders from Hyperspace
Matchmaker! Buzzword! Logix!
Quest for the Rings (complete but missing game pieces)

Loose Genesis Carts

Mickey Mania
World of Illusion
Virtua Racing
Desert Demolition

Intellivision Games

Space Spartans (w/ manual)
Venture (loose)

Sega Saturn

Virtua Cop (loose)
Daytona USA (loose)

Loose 2600 Carts

Demon Attack

Loose NES Games

Captain Comic
Quattro Adventure
Super Mario/Duck Hunt
Krazy Kreatures
Solstice (w/ Manual)

Miscellaneous Items

Star Fox Air Freshners
Golf (e-Reader, NIB)
Donkey Kong 3 (e-Reader, NIB)
Fox Box Kirby Slider
Wal-Mart Demo CD (PC, has EA game clips)
Silver Sony PS Lanyard
SSX 3 Soundtrack
Run the Gauntlet Driv3r DVD
LucasArts Experience XBox Demo
ATV Off Road Fury 3 Demo
La Pucelle Strategy Guide
La Pucelle Mini Strategy Guide
Phantasy Star III Guide
Final Fantasy Tactics Advance Strat. Guide
Atlantis Intellivision Overlays (set)
Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles Pins (yellow, red, green)
Commodore 64 User's Manual
Monster Hunter XL T Shirt


Paper Boy (SMS)
Solstice (NES)
Zelda Link to the Past (SNES)
Super Mario All Stars (SNES)
Super Scope 6 (SNES)
Castlevania Circle of the Moon(GBA)
Goldeneye 007 (x2) (N64)
Donkey Kong 64 (N64)
Star Wars Racer (x2) (N64)
South Park (N64)
Tetrisphere (N64)
ET (Atari 2600)
Sonic Hedgehog 2 (Genesis)
Mario Tennis (VB)
Galaxian (2600)
Pole Position (7800)
Scrabble (
Star Tropics (NES)
ET (2600)
Columns (Genesis)

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