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Coleco Adam

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Arnold Greenburg's pet creation was a computer called the ADAM, a key player in burying Coleco. The system was released in 1983 and interest declined for the system into 1985, as it was just an upscale computer version of the Colecovision. About 50% of the ADAM computers that were released were defective. The ADAM contained a Zilog Z80 CPU with 64k ROM (expandable to 144k) with a built in word processor and the BASIC operating system. The ADAM also utilized an expansion drive, keyboard, tape recorder, printer (serving as main power) and a cartridge slot for Colecovision games. It also had an optional color monitor, floppy drive, and 300 baud modem. The ADAM had such a high magnetic field that any tapes left near or in the cassette deck would be erased. Super Buck Rogers Planet of Zoom was the pack in game. And there were two ADAM packages to choose from.

$399.99 USD Computer add on for Colecovision. This contained the cassette deck

$599.99 USD (reduced to $299.99 later) for Full ADAM Computer. Sold with audio cassette deck, cartridge slot, printer, and keyboard.

Coleco Home : ADAM : Colecovision : Gemini : Quiz Wiz : Tabletop : Telstar : Telstar Colortron
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