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1530 Commodore C2N Dattasette (#C2N)

The C2N Cassette Unit or Dattasette was compatible with the VIC, PET, CBM, and Commodore 64 computers. When using it with the C-64 though, you must first press the [Commodore] key to access it. Powered by the CPU, the dattasette must be connected before the computer is turned on. As per the instruction manual, the dattasette must be kept two feet from the TV. 1987, IC ROM 251968-03, 5VDC .7A 12VDC .5A

The cord that goes to the expansion port of the respectable Commodore Computer. It also contained a cord that grounded the recorder so the tape wouldn't be erased by electric currents.
Two cosmetically different Dattasettes.
Sample complete Dattasette.
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