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Milton Bradley and General Consumer Electronics Vectrex (HP 3000)

The 14 inch self-contained arcade Vectrex was released in 1982 by General Consumer Electronics and then in 1984 by Milton Bradley. The unit contained a 9 inch black and white monitor and controller for $199.99 USD. The unit also came with a Minesweeper game with mylar overlays to add color to the games. The game was also hardwired. The Vectrex had a extra controller slot and hardwired power cord. Extra game cartriges for the Vectrex sold for $34.99 USD. When Milton Bradley acquired Vectrex in 1984, the price dropped to $99.99 and they allegedly lost money on every unit sold at that price. The Vectrex used vector line graphics and contained and 8 bit 1.5MHz Motorola 68A09 CP with 3 voice AY-3-8192 sound chip by General Instruments. To help create extra revenue for the Vectrex, three game watches were released for $39.99 USD and were Game Time, Arcarde Time, and Sports. (120 VAC 60~40 Watts)

Left: Vectrex shows the system on and the controller put away. Right: System turned on with Mylar overlay for 'color'.

Controller for the Vectrex. The controller folds up into the system, as you can see in the above picture. It is the panel with the large Vectrex logo at the bottom.

Sample Vectrex game cartridge.

Sample controller pin for Vectrex

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