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Power Play / Super Joy III
(Super TV Game, SJ-4001)

I do not know any wholesalers that sell this product nor do I sell it myself.
I bought mine from a fleamarket so please don't ask.

The Super Joy III / Power Play was a self contained Famicom clone. Some games are contained in the system while others are contained on the 99 in 1 cart that comes with it. The system also came with a spare controller, AC adapter, cartridge, battery pack (takes 4 AA batteries, not included), AV cables and a light gun. The system could run off either AV or RF signal. The red joystick in the center of the controller did not function and was just to fill the space in the design. If you do not have the RCA jacks on your TV, a Genesis 2/3 RF will work.

I have recieved numerous emails on this system. I thought I'd cover some of the common questions here so I can cut down on the number of times I have to send the same email in the same day.

Mine didn't come with a cartridge, why?

I can only say there are different versions of the Super Joy. Some have cartridges, some don't. Some cartridges have 999 games, some have 50.

I'm looking for (insert name of game here), why isn't it on here?

This product isn't exactly licensed by companies and therefore the game you are looking for probably isn't on the cartridge. I can't say what the name of the game that would closest resemble the one you are looking for, as the pirated games are about as common as rocks.

Where can I find new games for it?

Sometimes they take Nintendo Famicom cartridges. Check on eBay for regular famicom games.

The person who sold it to me said it plays Nintendo cartridges, but they don't fit.

That's because they don't play Nintendo cartridges. You have to buy Famicom games (Famicom is the Japanese version of Nintendo).

Is there an adapter to play my Nintendo games?

I've seen a FAQ of one made, but it's not a consumer-friendly build and not retail-available. I don't remember where the FAQ was, so please don't ask.

Mine broke, where can I get it fixed?

They are cheaply made and would probably be more cost-effective to buy another one rather than going through the leg work and costs of getting your current one fixed.

Why do games repeat after #'X'?

It's a marketing ploy. For $20 you really didn't expect to get 9,999 different games did you?

I paid $60 for it, and it's broken out of the box, did I get ripped off?

I would hate to say yes, but most people won't give you a refund or exchange on them, that is, if you can find the person again. These are extremely cheaply made units often held together with hot glue instead of solder (or if solder the method used, it's a very poor job). Personally I wouldn't pay over $20 for them. You can find them at that price, sometimes only online or by long periods of searching.

Top of the Power Play/Super Joy III Unit:

1. On/Off Switch
2. Power Output
3. RF Output
4. 2nd Controller, Gun Port
5. AV Output

Bottom of the Power Play/Super Joy III Unit showing where the cartridges and battery adapter goes.
Player 2 controller
Light Gun controller
Battery pack: 4 AA batteries
AV RCA Output Jacks
99 in 1 cartridge that comes with the Power Play/Super Joy III
Controller tip sample.
Sample AC output tip.
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