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Famicom (HVC-001)

Controllers were hardwired into the system and were stored by sliding them into the sides of the machine.


In 1983 Yamauchi decided to test the Japanese videogame market with his Family Computer, aka Famicom. It released in time for the 1983 Christmas season for $99.99 USD, although he wanted it to release for $79.99. He tried to trim costs by using cheap parts, which caused a malfunction with the consumers' systems and he recalled many of them, with a loss that came from his pocket. He had decided that Nintendo's reputation was more important than the value of money. Aside from this, his system was a huge success. The Famicom was both a cartridge based system and could also use floppy disks with the attached disk drive. The new system would eventually get quality arcade games from Nintendo, such as Donkey Kong and Mario Brothers.

Controller 1 and 2 were hardwired into the system. Controller 2 had a volume control and speaker on it.

Back of the Famicom System:


Front of the Famicom System
Famicom RF TV Switch Box HVC-003

Oh! Japanese R.O.B.



Unknown internet site


Package designs of Bandai's Karaoke machine


Unknown seller from the Ebay community

Sample pirate famicom cartidge
Nintendo Famicom cartridge
Jaleco Famicom cartridge
Konami Famicom cartridge
Namco/Namcot Famicom cartridge

HVC-002 Power Adapter part no.

Input: AC 100V 50/60Hz
Output: DC 10V 850mA

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