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Nintendo 64 (NUS-001)

In 1993 Nintendo decided to take the jump into the 64 bit home console market, a feat that only Atari had attempted to tackle, but Atari had ended with failure with their '64 bit' Jaguar. They entered with their project 'Ultra 64' and 'Project Reality' both of which were changed to Nintendo 64 (N64) by the systems release date on June 23 1996 in Japan and September 29, 1996 in the United States. The system retailed for $299.99 USD and was again a cartridge based system. In the world which was becomming CD based, Nintendo chose cartridges for their speed, disregarding their storage capacity and cost. This choice would cost them Square, a third party company who was with them since the Nintendo's 8 bit days. The system came with AV cables, one controller, and a power adapter. No more were the days of the pack in game, it was becomming too expensive. The system featured four controller ports and by the Christmas of 1998, Nintendo was packaging in with their system the extra Atomic purple controller for $129.99. Before the system launched, Nintendo hired five companies to make games for the N64 almost exclusively. DMA, Lucas Arts, Williams, Angel Studios, and Rare were these five, and out of them Rare had probably the most successful games for the system. Such greats as Golden Eye 007, Perfect Dark, Killer Instinct Gold, and Donkey Kong 64 to name a few. In 1997, the Double Disk Drive was announced, but only showed up in Japan in 1998. It was an attachment that hooked to the bottom of the N64 and took a sort of computer disk in order to hold more memory and larger games. Only about 8-12 games were released. Some games that were released were a Zelda game, Doshin the Giant, and a Dragon Quest game.

  • CPU: Custom R4300i @93.75 MHz + RCP co-processor (geometry and texturing) (64 Bit RISC)
  • RAM: 4 MB RDRAM main memory, upgradeable to 8MB, 36MB Rambus DRAM
  • 16.7 Million Max Colors on Screen (24 bit)
  • Graphics Processor: 64-Bit RCP reality co-processor 62.5 MHz
  • Screen Resolution: 256x224 up to 640x480
  • 300,000 Polygons per second (full effects)
  • Sound Channel: Software ADPCM, consumes 1 percent of CPU time per channel

Wait, did I say the N64 featured no pack ins? I was wrong, sort of. Keep in mind that each time a run of the systems below was offered, so was the N64 with two controllers for $99.99 USD. With the exception of the Star Wars set, of which the 'plain jane' was offered at $129.99 USD. Another exception is the Atomic Purple set for which precident of the two controller bundle was set.

Atomic Purple Set: Standard color system, one grey controller, and one atomic purple controller, AV cables, power cord. Atomic controller was supposed to be a limited time offer, but was dramatically extended. $99.99-$199.99 USD during run.
Extreme Green Set: Standard color system, Extreme Green controller, AV cables, and a power cord. $149.99 USD
Gold Nintendo 64: Toys R Us exclusive, the system was painted gold and came with two matching controllers, AV cables and a power cord.
Funtastic Colors: The colors were all skeleton (see through): Smoke (gray), Jungle (green), Fire (orange), Ice (blue), and Watermelon (pink). One controller, AV cables, power cord. $99.99 USD. 2000
Pokemon N64: Controller, AV cables, power cord, and matching controller.$129.99. 2000
Star Wars Episode 1 Racer Bundle: standard color system, one controller, Star Wars Episode 1 Racer game, AV cables, power cord. $149.99
Donkey Kong Bundle: Jungle green unit, matching controller, expansion pack, DK 64 game, AC cables, Power cord. $149.99-199.99 (unsure of price)
Pokemon Stadium Bundle: standard color system, one grey controller, one atomic purple controller, one transfer pack, one Pokemon trading card, one Pokemon collectors manual, and one Pokemon Stadium game pack. $149.99 USD. 2000


Donkey Kong 64 Set included the DK 64 game, Expansion Pack, Jungle Green System, and matching Controller.

Back of Nintendo 64:

1. AV Output
2. Power Output

Bottom of System showing the expansion slot
Top expansion port of system showing where the expansion pack goes.

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