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Nintendo DS

Image from Nintendo's Website

The Nintendo DS was released November 21, 2004 in the US with a price tag of $149.99 USD. Packaged with the DS was a rechargable battery, AC Adapter, two Stylus, PictoChat software and a Metroid Hunters demo. The extra games for the system ranged from $29.99-39.99. Upon release Urbz: Sims in the City, Madden 2005, Super Mario 64 DS, Feel the Magic XY/XX, Asphalt: Urban GT, and Spider-Man 2. The system totes dual 3" LCD screens that are programmed to do a variety of things. The lower screen is touch sensative, so in order to move around in game you may have to glide the stylus left and right, up and down or any other way to move your character on the top screen. In other games, the stylus may show your inventory, enemy weaknesses, etc.; whatever the programmer will think up! The DS also contained a microphone in the base so players can shout, talk, and whisper to the in-game characters.

The DS system contains 16 channel sound, one gigabit semiconductor memory, 3D graphics with 60 FPS and the ability to support details like fog and cel-shading.

Because of the processors used in the DS (ARM9, ARM7), Game Boy Advance games are playable, but original Game Boy and Game Boy Color games are not. The GBA games are playable in single player mode and the DS does not support GBA accessories that are used with the games (such as link cables, etc.) The DS supports wireless gaming features up to 30 with up to 16 players on a wireless connection.

Midnight Blue Released Fall 2005, second color.
Red Mario Kart Released Fall 2005 the red color was adorned with Mario Kart DS logo and came with a copy of Mario Kart DS.
Pearl-Teal Nintendogs Released Fall 2005. Came with a copy of Nintendogs Best Friends Edition
Pearl-Pink Nintendogs Released Fall 2005. Came with a copy of Nintendogs Best Friends Edition. Only available at Target & Toys R Us.
Sample AC Adapter for the Nintendo DS. Also compatible with the GBA SP.
Sample carrying case for the Nintendo DS. Fit 10 games snuggly in their own sleeve and it also had a mesh pouch for extra games or GBA games.
The pink stylus was a limited time offer to My Nintendo users who registered their copy of Kirby Canvas Curse.
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