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Game Boy Pocket (MGB-001)

On September 3, 1996 Nintendo released the Game Boy Pocket system in the United States for a price tag of $59.99 USD. Released initially in metallic blue and silver, the Game Boy Pocket was 30% smaller than its’ pappy. With the smaller size, came smaller batteries, two AAA batteries were included with the system and lasted the player about 10 play time on average. The red LED indicator light dimmed as the battery power diminished. Other marked improvements were the 2.6” large, high resolution reflective LCD screen. Within time the system was available in more colors. This includes, but is not limited to: green, blue, black, red, atomic green, and clear. It still had 4 channel stereo sound and weighed only 4.5 oz. Like its' predicessor the Game Boy Pocket was released in the Play It Loud colors.

  • CPU: Custom Z80 @ 4.19 MHz
  • RAM: 8kb
  • Screen Resolution: 140x102
  • Max Colors on Screen: 4 greys (4 available)
  • Max Sprites: 40, 10 per scan line
  • Sound Channel: 4 PSG

To see the different software available for this system, please click here.

Japanese color: Bubblegum Pink
Back of the Game Boy Pocket shows the battery compartment. AAAx2

Right side of the Game Boy Pocket:

1. Contrast Adjustment

Left side of the Game Boy Pocket:

1. Link Cable Bay
2. Volume Adjustment

Top of the Game Boy Pocket:

1. Power Switch
2. Cartridge Slot

Bottom of the Game Boy Pocket:

1. Power Output
2. Headphone Jack

This cord connects original Gameboy to the Gameboy pocket with the appropriate cables.

Power tip for Game Boy Pocket (not required with battery use)

Input: AC 120V 60Hz 4W (0.7W)
Output: DC 3V 250mA

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