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Nintendo Virtual Boy (VUE-001)

Lower Image © 2002 Nintendo Japan Website


View of the Virtual Boy from the Front/Side and Back/Side

Considered the only 'blunder' of Gumpei Yokoi, which caused him to retire from his former employer, Nintendo Co. Ltd. and start his own Koto Labs. Anyhow in 1995 the Virtual Boy was released for a listed price of $99.99-$169.99 USD (I have not found a reliable price source yet). Before it was released however, Gumpei was given the most dishonorable job: having to sell the product himself at E3. Besides this, he also gave a few classes in the technology at a local California high school. For the amount of money you payed, you received a coupon for a pack of AA batteries by Duracell and the Mario Tennis Game. The system contained a 32 bit Risc Processor with red vector graphics. Gumpei wanted to make the system in full color, but he deemed this too expensive for consumer use. Some would consider this system to be a tide over until the Nintendo 64 would be released the following year. After the unpopularity of the system, stores quickly reduced the selling point of the item to $29.99 USD.

Left image shows the focus button on top of the Virtual Boy monitor. Right image shows the bottom of the Virtual Boy moniter 1. Volume Button 2. Headphone Jack 3. Cartridge Slot 4. Clamp Assembly 5. Expansion Port 6. Controller Jack

Virtual Boy Store Display
(edited from eBay photo)

Virtual Boy AC Adapter Tap replaced the need for batteries. The tap was basically a convertor for the SNES power adapter (SNS-002) to power the Virtual Boy. VUE-011

Controller: The system ran off of six AA batteries that were contained on the back of the controller. The pack could be replaced by a back that made use of an AC adapter.

Controller: VUE-005
Battery Pack: VUE-007

Sample North American Virtual Boy Game. Box, game, instructions, Nintendo Power subscription card, Warning booklet, and customer reply card.
Sample Japanese Virtual Boy game. Box, game, instructions, customer reply card, and (?) warning booklet.
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