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Nintendo Pikachu System (NUS-001)

The Special Pikachu Nintendo 64 Set was released during the holiday season of 2000. The MSRP was $189.99 for the normal set. The Special Edition Toys R Us Exclusive came with a pocket watch and the Hey You Pikachu game. All other retailers got the base unit with controller. The Pokeball is the On/Off switch and Pikachu's foot is the reset button.

  • CPU: Custom R4300i @93.75 MHz + RCP co-processor (geometry and texturing) (64 Bit RISC)
  • RAM: 4 MB RDRAM main memory, upgradeable to 8MB, 36MB Rambus DRAM
  • 16.7 Million Max Colors on Screen (24 bit)
  • Graphics Processor: 64-Bit RCP reality co-processor 62.5 MHz
  • Screen Resolution: 256x224 up to 640x480
  • 300,000 Polygons per second (full effects)
  • Sound Channel: Software ADPCM, consumes 1 percent of CPU time per channel

Accessories & Games : Conker : Nintendo 64 Disk Drive : Pikachu System : Gold Nintendo 64 : Pokemon System (PAL)

Pikachu 64 Box
Pikachu 64 Complete Toys R Us Set: System, Hey You Pikachu game, Controller, VRU, Instructions, Power Cord, AV Set, Premium Pocket Watch (watch is random--I've got Charmander here.)

Back of the Pikachu System:

1. AV Output
2. Power Output

Pokemon Controller
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