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Nintendo iQue

The Nintendo iQue was released in December 2003 as a specially developed product for China. For many years, console and software developers were afraid to dive into the Chinese market for fear of privacy. However, out of the current three (Nintendo, Microsoft, and Sony) Nintendo is the first to be bridging this gap. The iQue is basically a compact version of the Nintendo 64 based on nano-technology. This allows for one chip to contain the CPU, Graphics, etc. The games themselves are compact when compared to a Nintendo 64 cartridge. The games are contained on 64mB flash cards and new games run about 48 Yuan. The flashcards can be taken to stations dotted throughout China in order to purchase new games. If one game is removed from the card, a log is kept. Without being charged a second time, the consumer can retrieve that game again later. The iQue plugs directly in the television to play and has an external power supply. Originally included with the system was the power supply, AV cables and a 64 mB card that contained the full version of Dr. Mario and demos of various lengths: Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, Mario 64, Wave Race, and Star Fox. The games have been converted to Chinese text and Mandrin voices where applicable. The operating system that the iQue uses is said to eventually be upgradeable.

Suprisingly, the iQue is a NTSC signal.

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