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Game Boy Software

Always came in a grey case except for Pokemon Red, Pokemon Blue, and Donkey Kong Land 1-3. They came in red, blue, and yellow cases respectively. Type 1: Original Game Boy. 4-10 colors on GBC, GBA and 4 shades of gray on GBP, GB.

A complete game shown with box, cardboard insert, instructions, Nintendo Power pamphlet, warning pamphlet and customer reply card.

Type 2: Dual Mode. 56 of 32,000 colors on GBC, GBA and 4 shades of gray on GBP, GB.

Came in the black case with exceptions for Pokemon Yellow, Pokemon Silver, and Pokemon Gold in yellow, silver, and gold cases respectively.

Type 3: Full Color. 56 of 32,000 colors on GBC, GBA. Does not work with Gameboy, Gameboy Pocket, or Super Gameboy.

Game Boy Color game pack. Noted for the clear grey case. Type 3. There was a variation with Pokemon Crystal. The case was aqua blue with silver specks.

Type 4: Special Full Color. 32,000 max. GBA widescreen. Will only work on GBA and GB SP

Alternative color casing for GBA Games. Also comes in solid red, solid green, crystal red.

Type 4: Special Full Color. 32,000 max. GBA widescreen. Will only work on GBA and GB SP. This was a UV sensative cartridge and would utilize sunpower to help certain aspects of the game.
Warioware Twisted had a weight or gyro inside the cartridge that could sense movement. This particular game worked by rocking the GBA side to side or up and down in order to progress. Similar in nature to Kirby's Tilt N Tumble.
Kirby's Tilt N Tumble. Players had to tilt the whole Gameboy in order to get the onscreen Kirby to move. Played only on GBC and GBA. Plays backwards on GB SP.
One of the 'unlicensed' cartridges by Wisdom Tree. Nintendo did not give them license to make games, but they did anyway. Type 1

Sample Game Boy Rumple Game with box, game, instructions, warning pamphlet, and Nintendo Power sign up sheet. Type 3.

The Rumble Pack: Game that feature a built in rumble function that corresponds with actions taken in the game. Others besides Perfect Dark include: Star Wars Episode 1 Racer, Pokemon Pinball, Top Gear and others.

Blaze Technology's MPXchanger that allowed you to download and upload game saves from your Playstation and Nintendo 64 memory cards and your Gameboy games via your PC and the Internet. You can also use it to program and upload Pocketstation games. There was also an adapter that allowed you to use Dreamcast VMU's. For the price you paid, you got simple instructions, a drivers disc, the input unit (parallel cable) and AC adapter. List price $19.99. Windows ME & 98.

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Input: AC 120V 60Hz 9W
Output: DC 9V 500mA

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