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Tournament 2000 by Unisonic

The Tournament 2000 was a Pong unit developed by Unisonic. Besides the three standard game-varients and practice mode of Pong, the Tournament 2000 contained two light gun games and the gun to go with it. The Pong games were Tennis/Table Tennis, Hockey/Soccer, and Squash. The two light gun games were Targets and Skeet.

The were two ways to plug in the controller. One way (as shown above with the controller on the left) is by a cord that attached to the side of the system and then to the back of the controller. With the cord plugged in, the controller went rounded corner first into the controller holder slot. The second way the controller was usable with the system is by directly plugging it into the controller holder (shown by the right controller, the port is shown below)

Wanna know how to hook your system up to today's TVs? Click here.

The back of the Tournament 2000:

1. Light Gun input
2. RF Output (must have a TV game switch. See here to learn more.)
3. Power Input

The face panel of the Tournament 2000 showing Ball Size/Ball Speed/Serve/Reset/Angle/Power

Left Team Score/Game Selector/Right Team Score

Port for directly hooking the controller into the system.
Port for hooking up the controller with the cord
Light gun with scope extension for the Targets and Skeet games.
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