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Fairchild Channel F

The Fairchild Channel F: the first programmable home video game console. When I say programmable, I mean that the consumers could 'alter' the systems program by inserting cartridges that had new programs written on them. While not as popular as the Atari VCS, the Fairchild had it's place in videogame history. The system was manufactured first by Fairchild Instrument and Camera and a later version was manufactured by Zircon. When the system debuted in 1976 it retailed for about $169.99 USD. There were twenty-one cartridges, or Videocarts as they were called, made by Fairchild that sold for $19.99 (five more were by Zircon). Two preprogrammed games were on the system: hockey and tennis. The controllers and AC adapter were also hardwired and the controllers stored in a compartment on the system. The sound was also hardwired. The games made for the system all played in color also. The original name of the Channel F was Video Entertainment System. The controllers featured a triangular top with 8-way controller.

AC adapter specifications: Input 120V 60Hz Output Red/Yellow 15V AC 3.75 VA Output Blue/White 10V AC 16.5 VA

Want to know how to hook your Fairchild Channel F up to today's TVs? Click here.

The view of the Channel F with the smoke gray plexi glass removed. This shows the storage compartment of the system.
The view of the Channel F with the smoke gray plexi glass removed. This shows the storage compartment of the system. The controllers placed in their proper storage unit.

Back of the Unit:

1. Power Cable
2. TV Cable
3. Channel 3/4 switch

Left side of the Fairchild shows where the controllers were hardwired to the unit.
The controllers, labeled R and L. 8 way controller with a triangular top. Hardwired into the system.
Sample Videocart as Fairchild called them. There were 26 in all, with Fairchild making 21 of them and Zircon making the other 5. To view a complete list, click here.
Channel F Home : Fairchild Channel F : Zircon Channel F
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