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Bandai Wonderswan Color (WSC-001)

The Bandai Wonderswan Color system was released in Japan only in December 2000 for about $64.99 USD. It boasts 41 colors out of 4,096 as a 16 bit portable system and runs off of one AA battery for an average of 20 hours. Like it's predecessor, the WSC can be played in both vertical and horizontal modes, depending on the game. The external port located on the top of the unit allows for use with cell phones, PCs, and the Playstation 2. It is fully portable and has not changed in size from the original Wonderswan. It is backwards compatible so it will play all games previous to it's release. The screen is 2.8" and FSTN type reflective LCD. The sound was a four channel digital sound, two for voice and two for hypervoice that could only be heard with the use of headphones.

The units come in numerous colors and for a little extra money, some units have special gift packs. These gift packs usually include a game cartridge and matching system, instructions, and some sort of premium gift, such as a cell phone/system strap. The units that come in these gift packs usually bear some cosmetic difference, such as words and graphics that adorn the screen and limited edition colors. Some known gift sets are: Final Fantasy I, Final Fantasy II (as shown above), Gundam, and the Chocobo set, which included a yellow and orange system. Some of the games made for the WSC play in English and other Japanese only. There was some talk of a United States release for the WSC, but then there was a realization that Nintendo had a firm grasp on the handheld market in the US.

Box of the Wonderswan Color Final Fantasy II Premium Package.
Wonderswan Color Premium Final Fantasy II Set: Box, System and Game box in cardboard tray, WSC Instructions, FF II Instructions, Reply Card, Product Catalog, Accessory Box, Cell Phone/WSC hand strap.
Top of the Final Fantasy II Wonderswan Color Premium Box
Bottom of the Final Fantasy II Wonderswan Color Premium Box


The Wonder Gate was announced soon after the WSC's release. It basically allowed you took network and get on the internet via your WS. The package came with a network adapter and cartridge and would offer downloads, web browser, simple mail and minigames.

Another extra item is the Wonderborg. It was a small bug like robot that you could control with your WS and the Wonderborg cartridge. The Wonderborg was sort of a novelty item, similar to the R.O.B. for Nintendo Entertainment System. (Can we say Gumpei?!?!)

WS Official Home Site

Back of the Wonderswan Color:

1. Cartridge Slot
2. Battery Cover

Bottom of Wonderswan Color:

1. Lock
2. Battery Release Cover

Left Side of Wonderswan Color:

1. Contrast adjustment knob

Right Side of Wonderwan Color:

1. Expansion port

The expansion port is left wide open, with no protection from the elements. This port is used for link cables, head phones (with an adapter), and all other future upgrades.

Expanded back of the Wonderswan Color:

System, Battery Cover, Battery

Sample Wonderswan Cardridge. Works on both Wonderswan and Wonderswan Color. Clear Black cartridge case.
Sample Wonderswan Color only game with box, instructions, plastic tray, cartridge, and sleeve.
Bandai Home : Bandai / Sony Funbit : Playdia : Swan Crystal : Tamagotchi : Wonderswan : Wonderswan Color
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