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Mattel Intellivision II (#5872)

Shortly after the Intellivision I released nationwide in the United States, Mattel followed up with the new updated Intellivision II unit in 1982. The product retailed for $99.99 USD and showed a few marked improvements. In order to cut costs Mattel featured 16 position removable joysticks on their 'new' system. A LED light was implemented to show owners when the system was on or off, since this was a difficulty with the Intellivision I unit. The power button functioned also as a reset switch and must be held for 5 seconds before the power will shut off, otherwise just pressing it will reset the system. There was a power saver function on the Intellivision II. If the game was not in play the screen would go dark after five minutes in order to prevent burn in. To further reduce burn in, the Intellivision II Owner's Manual states that you should play the system using low contrast levels on your TV anyhow. To set the game on pause, you must simultaneously press 1 + 9 on the control pad. The system caused problems when running certain Coleco brand games such as Donkey Kong, Mouse Trap, and Carnival.

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Right side of the INTV 2 showing the cartridge slot

Back of the INTV 2 system:

1. Channel 3/4 Switch
2. Power Output
3. RF Output

Sample controller for the INTV II. Note that it was removable.


Controller tip for the Intellivision II

The INTV II could NOT use the NES power cord. It required its' own because the Mattel Power cord was a bit thinner. #5872-9629

Input 120 V 60Hz 19W
Output 16.2V 955mA.

Another was:
Input 120V 60Hz 19W
Output 16.2V 1A

Intellivision II with keyboard, piano, and accessories

Intellivision II Voice Modulator




Mattel also made a Intellivision System Changer which played the Atari 2600 cartridges and because it was a cream color, it matched the Intellivision II the best. It featured controller ports and difficulty switches and was released in 1983.



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