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What could be a better controller? 40 buttons, two flight sticks, and three heavy duty aluminum pedals. Steel Battalion by Capcom that's what. For $199.99 USD you got the exclusive made only for XBox Steel Battalion game and the controller. Mind you, this game won't be sold separate because the controller is REQUIRED for play. Besides the controller and the game, in the box you got the warranty card (little green envelope above), a 37 page guide to the controller, in addition to the game manual and a quick start guide. Also there are special screws and a driver for the reinforcement brackets. While the graphics of the game aren't on par with games like Halo, what Steel Battalion might lack in top of the line graphics, it makes up for in game play.

The controller had a modification after a few months and the green buttons were replaced with blue buttons.

In February 2004 Steel Battalion: Line of Contact was released. It retailed for $49.99 and did not come with the controller, yet still required it. The original game and controller were available at Capcom and select retailers at the time. SB: LOC was an XBox Live online only game.

Let's look in the box:

Damn that's a hefty box. So big I could fit in it.
Top Layer: Game, Instructions, Warranty
2nd Layer: Bottom of L & R pads
Bottom Layer: Foot Pedals
The controller split into 3 close up sections: left


Bottom of the Steel Battalion controller, mid section: the special driver that screws in the reinforcement brackets.

Retailer's Marketing plan for Steel Battalion

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