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Atari Jaguar CD (J8800)

In 1995, Atari released the 2x speed CD Rom add on for their Jaguar unit. The Jaguar CD was manufactured by Philips and sold for $149.99 USD. The pack ins were a Tempest 2000 Soundtrack, Myst Sampler, the Vid-Grid and Blue Lightening games. The system ran at 352.8K/second with 210 milliseconds access time and allowed for Full FMVs at 24 FPS. Atari used a non-standard format to write CDs so that any attempt to copy CDs are presumed to fail as the encrypted data will be read as an error. By playing audio CDs in the Jaguar CD unit, you could treat yourself to a light show.

Bottom of the Atari Jaguar CD

Sample Jaguar CD game in the paper sleeve.


Sample Jaguar CD game in Jewel case and paper box.

Jaguar CD power tip.

Input 120V 60Hz 20W
Output 9V 1.2A

Prototype Jaguar all in one CD/Cart combo

unknown image source / scan

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