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Atari Lynx II (PAG-0401)

The Lynx 2 was second in the line of the first true color handheld consoles. Just like the Lynx 1, the Lynx 2 had a palette of 4,096 colors (16 simultaneous) on a 3.5" screen. It ran at 16MHz and contained an 8 way joypad. The Lynx suffers the same fate as the Atari Jaguar: it just doesn't know what bit it wants to be. It can run at 8 bit or 16 bit, depending on which side you go with. Graphically it is 16, but internal CPU says that it's 8 bit. By pressing [option 2 + pause] simultaneously, you could flip the screen to make the system easier to use for left handed persons. Certain games call for a vertical screen, and the Lynx could accommodate them by rotating 90 degrees. The games loaded into the back of the system and the batteries loaded into the bottom. The Lynx 2 took 6 AA batteries that lasted for five hours average. The auto shut off function found in the first Lynx was removed as too many people were losing game data. Instead this function was turned into an optional shut off during pause to conserve battery life. A LED indicator was added in order to tell when the system was on and when the batteries were low. One more function was the soft reset which could be activated by pushing [option 1 + pause] simultaneously to reset the game. For the Lynx 2, the sound was stereo. The Lynx's library of games consisted mostly of Atari arcade games and games released for the Atari 7800. Up to 18 Lynx's could be networked, although games only supported up to 4.

Back of the Atari Lynx II:

1./2. Handstrap brackets
3. Cartridge Slot

Bottom of the Atari Lynx II shows the battery bay.

Top of the Atari Lynx II:

1. Volume
2. Headphones
3. Comlynx
4. Power
5. Brightness

Accessories & Such

The sunvisor for the Lynx II unit.
Atari Lynx Car Adapter. Will hook two Lynx's up to a single DC power supply. 12 VDC 10.5 VDC, 0.8A. PAG-3300
Atari Lynx Comlynx Cable. Joins 2 Atari Lynx units together for two player games, plus has an additional female jack for more Comlynx and additional Lynx to be hooked up. PAG-3200

Atari Lynx Portable Battery Pack. Takes 6 D size batteries. PAG-3325

Left to right: Back of the battery pack, front of the battery pack (with shoulder strap), the open battery pack. You have to unscrew the back and pull down to open.

From the packaging (irony...): The Lynx Battery Pack, which uses six big D-size batteries, is the perfect portable backup system to the AA batteries used in your Lynx Video Game.

Case that fit the Lynx and a number of games, instructions, and other accessories.
The small case was only large enough to fit the Lynx II and a few games.
Sample game cartridge with all pack ins: box, game, instructions/poster, and warning card.

9V DC 3.0W

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