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Sony Playstation Accessories & Games

Sample game art for the US jewel cases
The old style paper-n-plastic cases for the PSX games. Box, Instructions, Disk, and Foam block. Another variation is a completely plastic case similar to the Sega Saturn cases.
Sample artwork for Japanese games. Reprints of some games were put in thin CD jewel cases with no back graphic (Vib Ribbon)
Sample PAL game. PAL games had weird shaped cases, no quite a double case, but definately not a single case.
Working Design's Lunar: Silver Star Story box set. Came with 2 game discs, 1 audio disc, the 'making of' disc, hardbound game manual, cloth map, and paper box.
Working Design's Lunar: Eternal Blue box set. Came with 2 game discs, audio CD, Lunar pendant, hardbound instruction manual, Omaki kit (fan kit-paper figures, map, etc.) and paper box.
Sample back of a Playstation game shows how many players, how many blocks of a memory card are taken up, and what controllers and controller functions are available for that particular game.
PS-X-Change (version 2) was a proprietory disc that made the swap trick easy for Playstation imports. The spring was made for PSX and the white sticker was made for the PS One. Vibribbon DOES NOT work with this method. The game will start, but you cannot get to the play screen.
Tip for all Playstation accessories
$12.99 USD Standard Playstation controller, pre-Dual Shock. SCPH-1080
Back of the standard controllers showing the R and L buttons

$19.99 USD Dual Shock controller. The round knobs not only functioned as a joystick, but also buttons and are given the names L3 and R3. Games such as Ape Escape require the Dual Shock Controller. SCPH-1200

Original retail price $29.99

Back of the Dual Shock controller showing the L and R buttons.
Playstation Dual Sticks works with Armored Core series. SCPH-1110
Playstation ASCIIWARE Specialized Joystick 8140

Namco Playstation neGcon Analog Controller

The center component "twisted" to control items on screen.

Originally retailed for $29.99

EA Sports Playstation Controller with rubberized grips
Performance standard GamePad
Performace Dual Impact controller. Also came in colors
Playstation Mouse and Mouse Pad. SCPH-1090

Bass Landing Fishing Controller. Packaged with Bass Landing. Works with Bass Landing, Reel Fishing among others.

Made by Agetec (#8670)

Rating: 20mA DC 3.3V
Vibrate Function: 150mA DC 8.0V

The Glove by Reality Quest (one handed controller)

Originally retailed for $49.99

Playstation Mini race controller by Performance/Interact

Originally retailed for $29.99

Konami Dance Pad: sold with Dance Dance Revolution for $74.99

Naki Finger Dance Pad

This controller works usually intermittently. You have to push the buttons really hard to make a good contact. Once you do however, that makes you way to late to make the next move.

This Adapter was useful for players who hooked up their Playstation system via RFU but still wanted to make use of certain accessories, such as the Namco Light Gun. The pass through port accepted the RF adapter and the yellow plug for the light gun slid into the appropriate side slot. SCPH-1160

The Namco Light Gun worked with (and in some cases was packed in with) Time Crisis, the Point Blank Series. The gun was specific to Namco games only, and not many of the other light gun games for the Playstation or Playstation 2. An orange light gun was released with the Playstation 2 Namco games.

Also worked with Elemental Gearbolt (non Namco).


Super Cobra by Nyko. Worked with all the games that the Namco gun didn't. Had a double tip that made it work with the Sega Saturn.

Originally retailed for $29.99

Performance LightBlaster
*Unknown* Mfr. Light Gun
Mad Catz Light gun
Auto Reload pedal
Back of reload pedal showing the GunCon and normal position

PSX Track Ball

Originally retailed for $34.99

Sony Multisystem Selector.

Old grey style multi tap.

Originally retailed for $29.99

New style white multi tap. SCPH 1070UH

Originally retailed for $29.99

Pelican Code Breaker that came in DVD Keepcase
Peclican Code Breaker that came in a shiny box. The box was held by a blister-type packaging.

Front and back of the I/O version of the Gameshark. It allowed customers to cheat on their games with unlimited lives, etc. Later versions (Pro versions) included a memory card on them.

Originally retailed for $49.99

Game Enhancer II & Gold Finger. Works like the Gameshark as it includes codes, but also was packaged with a spring and allowed the user to play imports

Regular Playstation Memory Card by Sony. Each Holds 15 Blocks. SCPH-1020.

With the card in the system, to reformat simply turn the Playstation on without a game in the system or leave the lid open when you turn it on. You will get the standard screen to choose between CD Player and Memory card. Choose memory card and you now have the option to delete, copy, copy all, and exit.

Originally retailed for $19.99

Memory card for Playstation by Performance
Mega Memory Card, 3rd Party. Holds a various amount anywhere from 30~120 blocks depending on type. Uses compressed data to store the game saves which presents a problem. Saving games that take up large amounts of space (usually RPGs) will lock the memory card onto it's current page until the data is transfered to another card (in opposite card slot) or erased.

Sony Pocket Station. Functions as a memory card and mini game system. SCPH-4000

Click here for the Sony Pocketstation page

Blaze Technology's MPXchanger that allowed you to download and upload game saves from your Playstation and Nintendo 64 memory cards and your Gameboy games via your PC and the Internet. You can also use it to program and upload Pocketstation games. There was also an adapter that allowed you to use Dreamcast VMU's. For the price you paid, you got simple instructions, a drivers disc, the input unit (parallel cable) and AC adapter. List price $19.99. Windows ME & 98.

+ @ -

Input: AC 120V 60Hz 9W
Output: DC 9V 500mA

The Dex Drive by Interact allowed you to take gamesaves from your Playstation memory card and upload to your computer for storage and online upload and download of saves. Connected through the serial port of your computer.

PC Pentium 75 or higher, Windows 95/98, NT 4.0. 8mg RAM, 2 mg HD space available, serial port. (It says you should also have a 2x speed CD Rom drive, but since the drivers are on floppy discs, I don't know why....)

Originally retailed for $39.99

- @ +

Input: AC 120V 60Hz 3.5W
Output: DC 12V 150mA

PSX Link Cable. Links two Playstations together to play on two seperate TVs.
Input tip for RF/AV signal into ALL Playstation equipment.
RF Switch. One plug; worked with all models of Playstation. SCPH-1121
Carrying case for Sony Playstation consoles. Will fit a variety of systems.
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