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Sega 32 X (MK-84000)

In 1994 Sega released the 32X as an add on 'system' for their Sega Genesis. It was $179.99 (159.99?) USD and had it's own set of cartridges. It cosmetically looked better with the Sega Genesis 2, but contained a removable adapter to fit snuggly on the Sega Genesis 1. It took it's own power supply and routed the RF switch through the 32X. It was released to a small fanfare however, as the Sega Genesis was on it's way out and the Saturn talk was stirring about. Sega had released it to the United States first, as to tide the Americans over until the arrival of the Sega Saturn. The Japanese, who recieved the 32X later, already had the Saturn. Theirs was named the Super 32X. As it's name implies, the 32X was a 32 bit system. There were also games that were released jointly for the Sega CD and 32X: 32X CD games. At first, the 32X was made to work with the Sega CDX and required a special spacer: Part No. 253-6924. Later a retraction was made by Sega stating that the CDX was NOT compatible with the 32X.

Diagram of the hardware pack-ins that came with the 32X system.

The Spacing Plate. Used when using the Genesis 2. Must be removed when using the Genesis 1.

Back of the 32X, Sega CD 2 and Sega Genesis 2.

1. AV Output
2. AV Input
3. Power Output
4. AV Output
5. Power Output
6. Power Output
7. Mixing
8. AV Output

4 goes to 2, 1 goes to RF Switch then TV

Sample game cartridge and packaging for the Sega 32X. Box, cart in carboard holder, instructions, and customer reply card. Some games were also on CD, which required the Sega CD unit in addition to the Genesis and 32X units.

Power cord for the 32X. MK-2103

Input: 120V AV 60Hz 15W
Output: 10V DC 0.85A

The RF tip needed for all connecting ports with the Genesis 2.

Cord that hooks the Genesis 2 up to the Sega CD 1:

1. 32X lead
2. Genesis 1 lead

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