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Sega CD 1 (#1690)

The Sega CD unit was released in 1992 for $299.99 USD. It was an add on for the Sega Genesis and was a CD based unit. Sega denied developers easy access to tools so not many games were made. All audio and video is routed through the RF/AV cables that are on the Genesis 1. 'Line Out' on the back of the system is for stereo sound. The Sega CD also came with a metal grounding plate for the Sega Genesis 1. The plate would lock down into the CD unit, slide right into the connection port and lock.

Back of the Sega CD 1:

1. Audio Out
2. Mixing
3. Power Output

CD Back Up: Ram Cart. Cartridge that was placed into the Sega Genesis and was a memory card to save games onto.

Sample of the Jewel case for Sega CD games. Many US gamers hated the case because they were not standard. They would not fit in most entertainment racks.
Paper case for Sega CD games.

Lethal Enforcers for Sega CD showing the big box, plastic tray, instructions, warranty card, game disc and Justifier Player 1 Blue Gun

(the Pink gun is harder to find than the blue one and allows you to play with 2 players. They hook together by a phone cable. Using 2 blue guns will not work)

Sample power supply tip. Nearly the same as Sega Genesis 1. MK-1602

Input: 120V 60Hz 17W
Output: 9V DC 1.2A

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