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Sega Game Gear (#2110)

The Sega Game Gear was released in 1991 and was an 8 bit backlit color handheld system. The pack-in game was Columns. It had a palette of 4,096 colors with 32 available onscreen. Not all models will work with the TV tuner adapter that was made for the system. If the serial number should start with a letter, then it won't work. If it starts with a number, you should have no problems. Here are a few different models of the Game Gear made:

Gray Game Gear Glass Screen - flat works with TV tuner
Gray Game Gear Plastic Screen - bubbled screen, will not work with TV tuner
Blue Game Gear - special sports edition that was released in 1993

Gray Game Gear 2000 - This is just like a normal Game Gear, but was reproduced by Majesco. The RGB ovals on the system were turned into gray ovals. Made of cheap plastic and the screen comes prescratched.

Virtua Game Gear is introduced in 2001-2002 for pocket PC devices. Some games include Baku Baku Animals and Sonic. Users probably won't see any sports games released as they don't intend to do any licensing. In the early 1990's Sega criticized Nintendo by comparing their superior Sega products to the older Nintendo products that were still on the market.

Top of Game Gear:

1. Power Switch
2. Power Input
3. Cartridge Slot
4. Expansion Port
5. Headphone Jack
6. Volume Control

Right side of Game Gear:

1. Contrast control

Back of the Game Gear showing off the battery compartments (normally covered up)
Bottom of the Sega Game Gear showing the hand strap holes
Sample Game Gear game: box, customer reply card, Sega catalog, and game.
Master Gear Convertor. Plays Master System games on the Game Gear. Seller from Ebay
Game Gear Battery pack.
Game Gear TV Tuner (From Game Gear product catalog)
Carrying case for the Sega Game Gear.
Third Party Game Gear carry case

Besides running off of 6 AA batteries for an average 6 hour lifespan, the Game Gear can run off of a AC or DC adapter. MK-2103

- @ +

Input: 120V AV 60Hz 15W
Output: 10V DC 0.85A

1995 ad showing many of the Game Gear's Accessories


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