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Sega Dreamcast Dreameye HKT-9402

Documentation that came with the Dreameye: Quick Chart sticker for the back of the camera, Instructions and warnings, and Visual Park software.

Hardware pack-ins for the Dreameye system: Headset with microphone and controller microphone pack, Dreameye camera with battery holder and stand, Dreamcast to Dreameye connection cord.

(also included but not shown were 2 AA Maxwell batteries)

Camera, Stand, Battery Pack, and DC Link
The back of the Dreameye showing the viewfinder
Bottom of the Dreameye showing the tripod mount
Front of the Dreameye
Right side of the Dreameye showing a release of some sort (?) and the connection port for the Dreamcast cable
Left side of the Dreameye showing the battery pack mount
Top of the Dreameye showing the shutter button
Front and back of the battery pack for the Dreameye
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