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Sega Nomad (MK-6100)

The Sega Nomad was released in 1995, about the same time as the Sega Saturn. The unit featured a 3" passive matrix LCD screen and an amazing backlit function. Like Sega's previous handheld console, the Game Gear, the Nomad allowed players to play their games in the dark, without use of an extra light. The unit functioned as a Sega Genesis in essence. It could play the Sega Genesis cartridges and even accepted an extra controller in the bottom of the unit for playing two player titles. Because the Genesis cartridges were 16 bit, so was the Nomad. The six button function of the Nomad mocked the six button controller that was starting to be packaged with the home Genesis units and played the newer games that made use of this function with ease. Also thought of by Sega, was the fact you could play the Nomad on the TV. People did not have to buy the whole home console without the ease of portability, all they had to do was buy the Nomad and have both. It utilized the Genesis 2 RF switch to hook it up to a TV. The unit was accompanied at purchase by a battery pack that held 6 AA batteries.

  • CPU: Motorola 68000 @ 7.68 MHz + Z80 @ 4Mz (sound CPU) 16-Bit
  • RAM 64 KB
  • Screen Resolution: 320x244
  • Max Colors on screen: 61 (512 available)
  • Max Sprites: 80, 20 per scanline
  • Sound Channels: 6 FM, 3 PSG, 1 PCM

To see the different software available for this system, please click here.

Bottom of the Sega Nomad:

1. Volume
2. Headphone Jack
3. Controller Port
4. Brightness

Top of the Sega Nomad:

1. AV Output
2. Cartridge Slot
3. Power Output
4. On/Off Switch

Back of the Sega Nomad
Battery back for the Sega Nomad. Holds 6 AA batteries.
Tip of the Nomad power supply.

- @ +

Input: 120V AV 60Hz 15W
Output: 10V DC 0.85A

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