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Sega CDX

Image from the Computer Closet

The Sega CDX was a combination of a Sega Genesis and a Sega CD in March 1994. It used all the same games of the previously mentioned systems and all the previously released accessories. The system came with a six button controller, stereo video monitor cable, AC adapter and three games: Ecco the Dolphin CD, Sega Classics Arcade Collection, and Sonic CD. The Sega CDX also plays audio CDs and CD+G discs. The system could be powered by an AC adapter or could be taken portably with batteries. Because of the battery factor and the fact that a headphone jack was included onboard the system, it could be used as a portable CD player.

There is also a unending question of whether or not a Sega 32X actually worked with the CDX. Sega has printed in the 32X manual that it does in fact work, but later printed a retraction to that. Some people have been able to get a 32X to work, while others have not.

Sega Genesis Peripherals
Sega Genesis Software

Sega CD Backup RAM Cart (memory card)
Sega CD in the large plastic case
Sega CD in the paper cases

Power Supply:

Model # MK-4122
Input: 120 V AC 60 Hz 23 Watt
Output: 9.5 V DC 1.5 amp

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