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Pico (MK-49002)

The Toy That Thinks It's A Computer

The Pico was released in 1994 to appeal to a younger generation. The games were very simplified and sometimes included some edutainment in them. Kids could use the over sized pen inconjuntion with the drawing and zoo templates to interact with what was on the screen. Some of the games helped to teach the alphabet, counting, colors, etc. There were many games based on Sega and Disney franchises.

Back of the Sega Pico showing where the holes for the handle are.

Cartridge Cradle of the Sega Pico (where the magic happens!)

Purple Button (above sensors): Cartridge Release/Eject
Black dots: Book Sensors
Red: On/Off Switch
White: Pen Cord
Yellow: Cartridge Slot

Complete Pico game
Back of the Sega Pico Cartridge
The special drawing pad for Musical Zoo.
Sega Pico Pen
Side of the Sega Pico: AV Output and Power Output


- @ +

Input: 120V AV 60Hz 15W
Output: 10V DC 0.85A

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