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Sega Master System (3010-A)

The Sega Master System debuted in October 1986 in the United States and was originally manufactured by Tonka. It was known as the Mark III in Japan. The SMS contained a Ziglog Z-80 processing chip with 128 kilobits. The Sega Master System basic package cost $139.99 USD and came with the Hang On/Safari Hunt game cartridge, Phaser light gun, AC adapter, RF switch and two controllers. Besides cartridges that the games ran off of, they had cards about the size of a credit card that were cheaper than cartridges to manufacture, but they held less. There were only about a handful of these games released and often, they had no ending. On the early models of the system, a puzzle game was hardwired into the system and later, Hang On and Safari Hunt were. To access Snail Maze on a console that does not have Hang On/Safari Hunt on it press and hold up, 1, and 2 when the Sega screen appears. Please be advised that not all systems have the Snail Maze game. For consoles that have Hang On/Safari Hunt built in, simply press and hold up, 1, and 2 then turn on the system.

Image of the red interface of the Master System.

Back of the Sega Master System:

1. AV Output
2. Channel 3/4
3. RF Output
4. AC Output

A close up of the card slot:

1. Controller 1
2. Controller 2
3. Card Slot

Bottom of the Sega Master System. Expansion Port perhaps?
Controller for the SMS. There were two variations. On one the cord came from the top of the controller and on the other, it came from the side. 3020
Sega Master System Control Stick
The Sega Master System Sports Pad. This was required by some games, such as Sports Pad Football and Great Ice Hockey.

3D Glasses

The SMS Phaser light gun. 3050
The card games. They were about the size of a credit card and were placed into the front of the system.
A sample cartridge.

RF switch

Sega Part # 1603

The tip of the SMS power adapter. 3025

Input 120V 60Hz 15W
Output 9V DC 1A

+ @ -

The tip of the SMS controller.
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