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Back of a Dreamcast game showing all the capabilities of a Dreamcast game (varies game by game)

Starting in the top left: Orange Sega All Stars case, Import game, White Dreamcast Case, Black Dreamcast Case that started with the release of World Series 2K1.


Sample microphone game: Box, Jewel case with instructions, microphone instruction manual, and microphone.

Alien Front Online is shown. The only other North American release of this kind is Seaman.


Sticker that came with the Atari Anniversary Pack 1.


Sample PAL format game for Dreamcast with the blue spined case.

Evangelion Typing game. Comes with Banner, Fan, and game.


The ever elusive Space Channel 5 Part 2 Limited Edition.Comes with silver headphones with interchangeable fuzzy white or black vinyl ear placements, galaxy bag and game.

Sonic Adventure 2 Birthday Pack. For sale in Japan only. It included the box, the Sonic Adventure 2 game, gold coin, history of Sonic booklet, music CD. The blue folder is for the book, coin, and CD.


One of the only (if not the only) Japanese games that used the DVD Keepsake case. Cosmic Smash


Feet of Fury for the Sega Dreamcast. First homebrew for the Dreamcast Console. Made by and available from The Goat Store, LLC.


The Bleemcast discs allowed certain Playstation games to be played on the Dreamcast with a slight boost in graphics. There were three "official" discs released: Gran Turismo 2, Metal Gear Solid, and Tekken 3. Gran Turismo was the first one released and was the only one that came in a paper case. The makers of Bleem started to work on another disc that would allow many more games to be played, rather than buying another Bleemcast game-specific disc.


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