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Year 2003 Updates


Removed FM Towns Marty, European Commodore System & Wondermega pages (let's face it, they haven't been updated in a really long time, and I probably won't own one for a really long time, if ever)
Intellivision 25 (page added, images and info)
Capcom CPS II (image updated)
Playstation 2 (special packs added)
Gamecube (special packs added)
GBA (special packs added)
XBox (special packs added)
XBox Live (info added)
Super Power Club Cards (page/checklist added)
Mario Advanced 4: Super Mario Brothers 3 e-cards (page, info added)
Nintendo E-Reader (info updated)
Animal Crossing (finished e-card list)
VTech (company home page created)
Socrates (moved here)
Clones (removed handhelds, split to it's own page)
Handhelds (split from clones)
Timex (page added, Sinclair 1000)
Atari 5200 2 Port (page added, image added)
Commodore 128 (page, images added)
Commodore 1541 (page, images added)
Commodore 1541 Vic-20 (page added)
Commodore Printer (page added)
Comp IV (images added)
Hitorikko Handheld (page, image added)
Talking Computron (page, image added)
Mattel Classic Football Keychain (page added)
Commodore Dattasette (image added)
Atari 2600 Peripherals (image & info added)
Commodore 64 (images & information added)
Vic-20 (image and info added)


Atari 400 (image updated)
Commodore 64 (image added, info updated)
Dina (images added & updated, info updated)
NES Accessories (images added, info added)
Odyssey (images updated)
Pico (images updated)
Playstation 2 Import (page added, pictures added)
PS One (image & info added)
RCA Studio II (images added)
TI 99/4A Silver (images updated)
VG Schwag (Mega Man Action figure info updated)
Nokia N Gage (release day info added)


Movies (added review for House of the Dead)

Videogame Schwag (added headers for many that didn't have any. Added Tron 2.0 Lanyard, Kingdom Hearts figures 76001 and 76002, Mega Man Figure, Tomb Raider Figure, Pokemon Mini Lanyard, Asteroids Read Along Record, Crash Bandicoot N Trance Preorder Bonus, Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon Preorder Comic, Dragon Ball Z Legacy of Goku Preorder Bonus, Eternal Darkness 3D Card, ELSA 3D Gaming Tags, Lord of the Rings Two Towers Button, 007: Nightfire Button, Okage Butoon, Pokemon Ruby & Saphire Holographic Coins, Nintendo Comic System, RTX Comic, Super Mario Sunshine Bath Fizzle, Super Mario Sunshine Button, Starfox Pin, Star Wars Rebel Strike Preorder Disc, added Rikku to FF X-2 Keychain, added leaflets for Sega/McDonald's Toys, Update images for Pokemon Mini Washcloth, Pokemon Watches, Blinx Watch, Pokemon Mini Clips, Pokemon Mini Magnets)


Tournament 2000 (page added)
COMP IV (page added)
Thanks Page (another name added)


Movies (added reviews, images, movies)
Famicom (updated, added images)


Entex Adventurevision (page added)
RCA Studio II (page added)


Tapwave Zodiac Added
3DO (put up ad text)
PSP (info added)
Nokia N-Gage (info added)

Memorex VIS (page & info added)
Game Boy Light (page & info added)
Game Gear Blue Sports Edition (page & info added)
Dreamcast Black Sports Edition (page & info added)
3DO Goldstar (pictures added & updated)
3DO Panasonic FZ-1 (pictures added & updated)
3DO Panasonic FZ-10 (pictures added & updated)
Action Max (pictures updated)
APF TV Fun (pictures updated)
Atari 2600 Peripherals (pictures updated)
Atari 2600 Cartridges (pictures updated)
XBox (pictures updated)
CDI (pictures updated)
Dreamcast Accessories (pictures added & updated)
Dreamcast Dreameye (pictures added & updated)
Dreamcast (pictures added)
Movies (pictures added)
Game Boy Advanced Peripherals (pictures updated)
E-Reader (pictures updated)
Nintendo Homepage (pictures added and updated)
Game Boy Advanced (pictures updated)
Activision TV Games (pictures updated)
Radioshack LCD Baseball (pictures updated, info added)
Mega 21 (pictures updated)
Namco TV Games (page & info added)
Hello Kitty Bemani Handhelds (page & image added)
Polystation (pictures updated)
Super Joy III (pictures & info updated)
Game Boy SP (pictures updated)
Simon (pictures added)
SNES Accessories (pictures & info added)
Sega Master System (pictures updated)
Sega Master System II (pictures updated)
Saturn (pictures updated)
Saturn Netlink (pictures updated and added)
R Zone Headgear (pictures updated)
Playstation Accessories (pictures updated)
Playstation 2 (pictures updated)
Pocketstation (pictures added)
N64 Accessories (pictures updated)
Gameboy Software (pictures updated) (pictures updated) Pro (pictures updated)
Game Gear (pictures added)
Genesis Accessories (pictures added and updated)
Lynx II (pictures updated)
Lynx I (pictures updated)
Game and Watch (pictures updated)
Pokemon Mini (pictures added)
U-Force (pictures updated and added)
Power Glove (pictures updated)
NES Accessories (pictures update and added)
Gamecube to GBA Link (pictures added)
Game Boy Color (pictures added)
Game Boy Advanced (pictures added)
Game Boy Advanced Accessories (pictures added)
Game Boy (pictures updated and added)
Neo Geo Pocket Color (pictures updated)

Videogame Schwag (items added: FF Auron, Kimhari, Lulu, Yuna, Rikku, Tidus, Soul Calibur 2 Art Book, Tomb Raider Bobblehead, Metroid Bobblehead, Jason Giambi Bobblehead, Tom Brady Bobblehead, Zelda Bobblehead, Triple Triad Cards, Counterstrike Cards, Great Escape Playing Cards, Playstation 2 Coffee Cup, True Crimes DVD, Final Fantasy VIII Gashaon, Final Fantasy IX Figures, Kingdom Hearts Figures sets 76003-76006, Samurai Showdown 64 Figures, Zelda Action Figures, Gamepro Vehicles 1-2 and Figure 4, Capcom Gals Gashapon, Capcom Vs. SNK 2 Gashapon, Mega Man Gashapon, Nakoruru Gashapon, Guilty Gear X Gashapon, Getaway Press Kit, McDonald's Goomba, N-Gage Hat, N-Gage Pin, Simpson's Hit and Run Hat, Auto Modellista Keychain, Final Fantasy X-2 Keychain, Jet Set Radio Future Headphones, F-Zero Lanyard, F-Zero Pin, F-Zero Countertop Display, Samurai Showdown Wallscroll, Mario Cameras, Twisted Metal Dice, Resident Evil Umbrella, Chaos Legions Watch, Metal Gear Watch, Dino Crisis Watch, Outlaw Volleyball Cooler, McDonald's Sega Toys, Cait Sith Plush, Chao Plush, Togepei Keychain, Snorelax Plush, pictures updated -- hats, bobbleheads, Moogle Plush, N64 35mm Camera)

Dictionary and Care & Maintenance went away.


Swan Crystal (added)
Turbo Duo (added)


N-Gage (added images, information)
Phantom (images added)


Xbox (updated information)
Playstation 2 (updated information)
PSP (added page; information)
PSX (added page; information)


Infinium Lab's Phantom (added graphics & information)
Thank You Page (added Jeremy and Jenny Osterhoudt to the list)
Systems Owned Page (added the few consoles I've aquired, but neglected to post yet)


Books (added~ to become more of a library of sorts, so it will be different from the Works Cited page)


Odyssey (added, updated throughout the night)


VG Schwag Home (redid everything--watch out for the creepy crawly bugs)


Dreamcast Peripherals (ASCII Fighting Pad, VMU Copier added)
Dreamcast (Sonic Adventure 2 Birthday pack added)
CDI (controller added, information, moved from Misc. to front pages)
Famicom (added some complete games) (added Official Power Supply) Pro (added Official Power Supply)
Sega Master System (added glasses and control stick)
Sega Master System 2 (added glasses and control stick)
Super Nintendo Peripherals (added Nanitek Gamesaver and Multi Tap)
Gamecube (added GB Player)
Sega Genesis Peripherals (Recoton controller added)
Sega Genesis Software (Wisdom Tree game added)
3DO FZ-1 (Logitec Controller added)
3DO FZ-10 (Logitec Controller added)
3DO Goldstar (Logitec Controller added)
Playstation Peripherals (Trackball, Link Cable, and Dex Drive added)
Polystation (Super Soccer System added)
Super Joy (info updated)
Atari 2600 Six Switch (info updated)
E-Reader (info updated, scans moved to their own pages)


Gamecube (Freeloader added)
E-Reader (Mario Party cards added)
Nintendo Game & Watch (French Donkey Kong Mini Classic added)
Playstation 2 (Trance Vibrator added, Multitap image updated)
Sega Master System II (added!)
Game Gear (TV Tuner & Battery pack images added)
Saturn (Stunner & PAL game added)
Animal Crossing Card list (2 more needed, will come in a few days)
Atari 2600 Peripherals (more wireless controllers added)
Pocketstation (MPXchanger)
Playstation Peripherals (MPXchanger, fishing controller set, PSXanger 2, PAL game added)
Nintendo 64 Peripherals (MPXchanger, Dex Drive)
Gameboy Software (MPXchanger)
Gameboy SP (pictures, info)


Thank You Pages
Search Engine (look in the main nav bar ^ )


Infinium Lab's Phantom (placeholder added for real this time, may be updated tonight)
Nokia N-Gage (placeholder added for real this time, may be updated tonight)
Animal Crossing Card Scan Updated (bottom of page)
Both Tradelists Updated ( for need)
Saturn (controllers added)
Xbox Live Beta Kit (added)
NES Peripherals (Hands Free, Powerglove, Super Controller, Quickshot added)
NES Powerglove (added)


Infinium Lab's Phantom (added)

Nokia N-Gage (added)
Game Boy SP (condensed)
Playstation 3 (updated)


Links page (added my personal portfolio site)


NES PC <page deleted>


Pokemon Pikachu 1 (added pictures)
Pokemon Mini
Pokemon Nintendo 64 PAL (added page; info; pictures)
Sega Genesis Peripherals (Batter Up peripheral added)
Atari Lynx 1 (accessories added)
Atari Lynx 2 (accessories added)
Atari 2600 Peripherals (accessory added, accessory picture replaced)
Atari 2600 Software (picture added)
Sega Net Link (pictures & info)
This Page You're Viewing Right Now
Added product numbers to nearly all pages


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